Achieving a brighter, whiter smile

    submitted by Dr. Michael Spadafora, D.D.S., Bucks County Dental Design,

    Everyone seems to want whiter teeth. Advertisements for teeth whitening products fill televisions screens and magazines, while celebrities flash their sparling white smiles. 

    Luckily, achieving a brighter, whiter smile is possible for most people in all walks of life.

    The whiteness of your teeth is determined by the enamel, which is the outer layer of the tooth.  As people age, the enamel can wear down, allowing the dentin (the layer under the enamel) to absorb food color, causing the teeth to appear darker. 

    Removing the stains from the enamel is more difficult when the stain has penetrated the dentin. That said, almost every smile can be brightened with the right approach.

    There are simple lifestyle choices that can help to keep your teeth white.  

    First, go for regular dental cleanings. The calculus (also called tartar) which builds up between cleanings can give your teeth a yellowish appearance.

     You should practice good dental hygiene at home – brushing multiple times a day (whitening toothpaste can give your smile a little boost), flossing, and using mouthwash. 

    Finally, avoid stain causing drinks, quit smoking, and fill your diet with crunchy fruits and vegetables.

    Although teeth whitening kits are available on the retail level, with a very wide range of prices and results, some patients want a more personalized and immediate approach to whitening.  

    Many dentists offer custom made bleach trays which the patient uses at home with a professional whitening gel. 

    One benefit of the custom fitted tray is that it avoids inadvertent swallowing of the gel. The process evolves over the time that the patient uses the trays and is monitored by the dental professional. Very good results can be achieved with this system.

    In office whitening processes are the most efficient and immediate. 

    Dentists use a variety of systems, which are constantly evolving.

    One of the most modern in office systems utilizes light technology and comes with a smart phone app that allows patients to take photos and track whitening results.

    Your dental professional can help you decide which whitening program is for you. You are just an appointment away from whiter, brighter teeth!

    PHOTO CAP: Let us help you brighten your smile with GLO Professional Whitening!

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