Tucker Chiropractic Center introduces new therapy device

    by Lori Goldstein

    Dr. David Tucker, of the Tucker Chiropractic Center in Langhorne, is on the exciting frontier of patient care with the use of a device that delivers shock-wave therapy, or as it is technically named, myofascial acoustic compression shock-wave therapy. The MyAct device offers clients significant pain relief within a much shorter time than other methods of chiropractic care.

    “If you want the body to heal, the way you eliminate pain…[is] to fight or decrease the inflammation and break down the scar tissue,” explains Dr. Tucker. When Dr. Tucker and his two other chiropractic colleagues used standard manual techniques for extremity conditions and “were just not getting enough percentage of improvement, that made me start investigating other devices. He reached out to a few trusted colleagues and learned that the MyAct device had the best anecdotal feedback.

    Dr. Tucker and Dr. Packer, one of the two other chiropractors at the 17-year-old Center, decided to launch a 30-day trial of the shock-wave device. During that time, 20 to 30 patients were treated with it. “All but two were happy. And some were extremely happy. One [patient] had a rotator cuff [issue] for years. After one session [he] had no pain anymore. Most of the others took a few sessions. I would say six visits is a good number to start seeing results.” The practice purchased the device about a month ago.

    Because the depth of penetration is greater with the MyAct device, “it has helped us [alleviate] certain conditions we weren’t able to help before, and not just by us, but by other health-care professionals.” Dr. Tucker has polled chiropractors in other states, who report that patients are getting relief from pain for between six to 18 months, which is relatively substantial relief before they have to come back for another treatment. The shock-wave device also has a patient component, in that he or she can communicate to the provider the exact location of the pain source.

    From a patient standpoint, the two big things people are concerned about are time and money. This doesn’t take a year of therapy. Within 30 days in our office, you’ll know if something’s helping you, be it chiropractic or be it shock-wave therapy. Ultimately it’s a matter of being able to help with some tough soft-tissue issues that people struggle with.

    You can contact the Center at 215-750-8006.

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. David Tucker with the new MyAct device.

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