Four area BSA Scouts are now Eagles

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19, Scouts BSA Troop 10, Yardley has continued to see Scouts achieve the rank of Eagle Scout at an impressive rate.

Four of the Troop’s newest Eagle Scouts, Connor Blaise Harkeiwicz, John Thomas Mannarino, Bennett Michael Smith, and Pawan K. Chivukula, were honored on December 19th at Yardley United Methodist Church (YUMC) on Yardley-Langhorne Road.

Their Eagle Court of Honor was a testament to perseverance through obstacles that our community as a whole has demonstrated, and that these four Scouts in particular have embodied. The Eagle projects accomplished by each of these four Eagles were diverse and valuable for our community.

Connor Harkiewicz, of Yardley, worked with the Environmental Education Specialists at Tyler State Park to construct an activity center for the park’s new outdoor children’s education center. 

He designed and constructed a large and permanent outdoor interactive weaving frame where young children (three- to six- years-old) can play by “weaving” with different natural materials like grasses, twigs, vines, and leaves and have fun while exploring nature. 

The project was inspired by the Common Craft Project for preschoolers where teachers provide pre-strung handheld looms for children to weave potholders.

The project involved hard work and the use of a motorized earth auger for digging postholes.

Jack Mannarino, of Yardley, participated in the Veterans History Project.

He interviewed 12 Veterans of the VFW for 40 minutes and recorded his time with them.

Afterwards he obtained their biographical information and completed documents related to the Veterans interviews.

He then sent all interviews (on flash drives) and materials to Washington, DC to have them added to the Library of Congress. He did this to create a record of these Veterans, so that their service and sacrifice will never be forgotten. 

Bennett Smith, of Yardley, designed, constructed, and stocked a covered firewood rack for a pavilion at Ralph Stover State Park in Pipersville. 

Additionally, he organized the cleanup of the fireplace in the pavilion and surrounding area. 

The project benefited the park by providing a place to properly store locally sourced firewood. 

This is important as it prevents visitors from bringing outside firewood, since outside firewood can bring invasive pests and diseases that can damage the park’s ecosystem. 

Pawan Chivukula, of Morrisville, installed hand sanitizer dispensers and anti-bacterial tape in three different community locations: the Bucks County Homeless Shelter, the YUMC, and the Chinmaya Madhuvan Temple.

The purpose of his project was to lower the risk of Covid-19 and other germs being spread at high-risk gathering places and cultivate a cleaner culture within the community.

It is clear that the community is actively using these safety installations.

During the Court of Honor ceremony, each of the four new Eagle Scouts shared stories, gratitude for their mentors and Troop 10 leaders including Scoutmaster Mickey Ingles, as well as words of wisdom for continuing Scouts.

Special ceremony attendees included: United States Representative Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania Senator Steve Santarsiero, Pennsylvania Representative Perry Warren, Pennsylvania Representative John Galloway, Lower Makefield  Township Supervisor John Lewis, Scouts BSA Washington Crossing Council Field Director Andrew Nam, Don Barder of the Marine Corps League Patriot Detachment, and VFW Post 6393 Scout Coordinator Mike Bishop.

A sincere thank you to the Eagle Scout families, Scoutmaster Ingles, and Steve and Juliet Brown for coordinating the event.

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