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How long do videotapes last?

If you’re still hanging on to a pile of old videotapes that you haven’t backed up, you should be aware of how long those tapes will still be useable.

Even if you take incredibly good care of them, videotapes will eventually deteriorate. By the very nature of their components, videotapes just weren’t built to stand the test of time.

Research generally indicates that magnetic tapes like VHS and Hi8, stored well, will still experience 10-20% signal loss, purely from magnetic decay, after 10-25 years.

Given how long VHS has been obsolete, chances are that your old tapes have already reached, if not exceeded, this time frame.

What You Can Do…

If you want to keep your videotapes for as long as possible there are a few options:

Store at room temperature. Videotapes should not be too hot or too cold. (Ideally the top of your coat closet is a great spot for storage).

Keep them dry. A humid environment will wreak havoc with videotapes. Beware of storing videotapes in basements and attics, as these rooms can be troublesome humidity wise.

Finally, you should make sure you have backup copies of your videotape footage with a Videotape to DVD /MP4 transfer. Even if you keep your videotapes in tip-top condition, you can’t prevent the natural occurrence of decay. So, make sure you protect those family memories with a video to digital transfer.

Why Tailor-Made film & video Transfers (See Ad in this paper)?

Even though DVD is, by far, the most requested format, Tailor Made offers MP4 files with every DVD conversion for no additional charge, providing an easy way to back-up and share all those precious memories with family and friends!

Only at Tailor-Made:

  • DVD and MP4 files with every order;
  • Custom title on DVD menu, DVD Face and Case Insert;
  • Full color thumbnail photos on back of case insert;
  • Intelligent chapter points make it easy to navigate;
  • No hidden fees.

Family owned and operated, Tailor-Made has been the trusted source for photo and camera businesses nationwide since 1985, and they just happen to be located right here in the Feasterville Business Campus at 205 E. Pennsylvania Boulevard, Feasterville; 215-322-8444,

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