SPOTLIGHT: Dao Concepts, LLC

Coaching executives in a mindful manner

Taking principles from Daoist philosophy, Dao Concepts is the brainchild of Anthony “Tony” T. Jackson. Tony is a military veteran and ex-corporate executive who found balance and strength in Tai Chi. This philosophy helped Tony work his way out of a stress-consumed life into the calm, balanced and peaceful life he now enjoys.

“These principles help my clients become more focused and determine when to be more assertive or when not to react,” says Tony. “I help you find your voice and become comfortable with saying ‘No’ in a calm, professional manner.”

Through a combination of Tai Chi techniques and meditation geared for stress management and teaching Pareto’s principle (the 80/20 rule), Tony has helped his executive clients make a real difference in their overall work performance and quality of life.

The 80/20 rule helps identify the most productive tasks in what will elicit the most profitable results and make these a priority, helping conserve energy (a basis of Tony’s Tai Chi teachings).

Tony teaches from life experience and uses techniques from years of Tai Chi training. His unique background sets him apart from any others in the industry. Tony will unlock your inner potential, so you’ll learn how to mindfully manage stressful situations daily.

Coming from a military background where he served as an Airborne Ranger Infantryman in the Gulf War and Somalian Conflict, then transitioning to a lifestyle of high stress working in corporate America, Tony knows how difficult it can be to say “No” when avalanched under a mountain of impossible expectations. What if it didn’t have to be this way?

Tony found an avenue and outlet for himself, transforming his life and giving him the courage to follow his true passions. If he had never unlocked this inner potential, he wouldn’t be able to offer this to you today.

“I work on an individual basis, getting to the core of what each individual client needs, and teaching you stress coping skills along the way,” Tony says. He understands not every client will be the same, and he will work with you to tailor his teachings to your unique situation.

More info is available at, or contact Tony to begin today at 703-980-5863 or

Stay tuned for our next edition to learn more about what Dao Concepts can offer you!

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