SPOTLIGHT: Castle’s Garden Center

Christmas and Dad on the 8’s

As most of us live life in the new normal, masks, vaccines, six feet spacing, and limited help in every store, there is one thing that you can count on again at Castle’s. 

Meeting our #1 employee, former Neshaminy football player and grad Bob Castle, now living in Florida. 

This year, Christmas on the 8’’s means that Dad is now 88 years of age, and will outwork 88% of the people you would ever meet. 

Dad is from a time, where your word is your honor, a yea means yea, and nay means nay. 

He is from an era when you could offer someone constructive criticism, and they would say thanks. An era when a hard day’s work was all in a day’s pay. In today’s world, the opposite is true. 

But that doesn’t stop Dad from trying to give his advice, solicited or not. If you agree, he will offer to pray with you and give you a hug.  If you disagree, he will still offer to pray and give you a hug.  It might be the last time he will ever see you at his age, and he doesn’t want you to forget the good ole days of a kinder world. 

Dad has sold his fair share of trees in 37 years at the garden center and made more than his share of grave blankets and pillows. 

All sold or made one at a time, just like the people he meets and becomes friends. 

He may not know your name, but he will remember the nice conversation he had with you from year to year. 

Dad on the 8’s may be ready to hang up the clippers as well, as time is catching up with him too. 

If there is one message that Dad could tell each of you, it would be this, life is short, live as if you will make a difference in someone’s life. 

That one person you meet could be having the worst day of their life.

A word of encouragement, or a moment to cry, or a moment to pray is what you will get this Christmas from the man on the 8’s. 

Thanks for all the lessons in life Dad, we have all learned volumes from your example.

Steve Castle is the owner of Castle’s Garden Center, a staple in the community for 37 years on Bristol Road.

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