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Now is the IDEAL time to have estimates done on your property for 2022.

Doing it before the snow covers your landscape allows us to lock in your pricing now, rather than waiting until March. Below is the list of services we offer: 

Soil Testing

A turf care program without a soil test leaves a lot of questions unanswered. We can tailor your program for your property, so that all treatments are absorbed and utilized at maximum efficiency by your turf.


Our Seven step program keeps lawn beautiful and weed free.  When was the last time you had your soil tested? Micro-nutrients give your turf the extra boost needed to absorb the usual components of the fertilizer. Proper pH levels are essential in helping your fertilizer work efficiently. Grass plants thrive within a very small pH range. Lime applications help us adjust the pH in your lawn and use the fertilizer to its maximum efficiency.

Plant Health Care

Deep root feedings in the spring and fall with a slow-release fertilizer add needed nutritional requirements to your landscape plantings. Foliar Applications include Insect and disease control. This helps your plantings during seasonal periods of stress, like heat, drought, or cold.

Spotted Lanternfly Suppression

Our program goes through all life cycles of this pest, covering egg hatch, first instars (crawlers), later crawlers, and winged adults. Our foliar applications will target each life cycle of the SLF.  Monthly applications are done to suppress the SLF, due to their fast-moving characteristics.            

Flea, Tick and Mosquito Suppression

Monthly visits to treat the property. Applications are done by fogging the perimeter of the property as well as spraying nesting areas. 

Plant material around the house ( patio, deck, pool, swing set wood lines if applicable ) will also be treated.

Deer Control

We apply monthly odorless applications to plant material to stop deer from ruining landscapes, by breaking their routines.

Creatures of habit, they already know where your tasty plants are. Multiple applications throughout the year will dissuade them from returning. We use DeerProtm exclusively, which has both a Summer and Winter formulation, for year-round control.

The Deer control works side by side with our Flea Tick and Mosquito control.

Contact our office at 215-968-8535 or to set up a consultation.

PHOTO CAP: Call now to get set up for next season!

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