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    ‘I’m Dreaming of Italian Christmas’

    submitted by Maria Teresa Nappi

    Growing up in an Italian-American household I never thought much of how ‘we’ did things.

    Thanksgiving was never just a delicious roasted turkey – I mean we always had turkey, but only after the antipasto, soup and pasta courses. The sides included all the traditional ‘American’ favorites, of course, but the broccoli di rabe, cippolini onions and fried peppers were never far behind. 

    Much of our culture is rallied around food, but if you delve deeper, you discover that this food is much more than what someone may just call a gluttonous indulgence. It’s a togetherness, of preparing the food, of canning and preserving the harvest of the summer and fall, of sitting down, together, and breaking bread together and it being so delicious that everyone lingers longer. That’s the magic. 

    “Natale” (Christmas) as celebrated when my parents were growing up in Calabria, Italy was very different than today. Their “tree” was really just a large branch from an olive tree, bay leaf bush or anything they could find that was green.

    The decorations were all homemade and mostly consisted of things from nature like pinecones, cinnamon sticks, fresh oranges and dried figs. They would save foil, fancy paper and ribbons during the year and use that on the tree as well. Candy was sparse but if they had it, that too would go on the tree.

    For the past 50 years, it’s been a blessing to share our heritage, traditions and food with our community through our family-owned and operated business.

    To import the finest panettone, torrone, olive oil, wine and Italian delicacies is to share a piece of us with you. To see you smile at first bite, that ‘wow!’ is the best feeling in the world to us!

    All Panettone is NOT created equal! Small batches, the best ingredients and a slow rise make Altomonte’s simply the best artisanal Italian Christmas Cake you will ever have.

    Varieties include traditional, chocolate chip (shown), peach and saffron, white chocolate fig and more.

    Maria Teresa Nappi is a First-Generation Italian American who along with her family owns and operates Altomonte’s Italian Market in Warminster (85 N. York Rd.) and Doylestown (856 N. Easton Rd.). 

    Altomonte’s Italian Market can be contacted at 215-672-5439 (Warminster), or 215-489-8889 (Doylestown).

    Find us online:

    PHOTO CAP: Our chocolate chip Panettone.

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