How to decorate a Christmas tree like a Gasper pro


1. First, make sure that your tree is standing straight and that all your lights are in good working order.

2. ATTACH RIBBONS. Using floral wire, secure the wired ribbon of your choice to the top portion of the trunk, a few inches down from the top of the tree.

3. Secure and tuck the ribbon back into the tree every 6-8 inches with more floral wire. Aim to create elegant, billowy loops. If the ribbon is double-sided, try putting some gentle twists in it before securing.

4. top it off. Choose a dramatic piece for your tree topper. You can choose a traditional star or angel, or more unique pieces like a large nutcracker or bow. We often place our topper a few inches down from the tip top, where we can nestle it better into the tree’s branches.

5. Use floral picks to accentuate your topper and bring attention to the top of the tree. Start by placing the picks below the topper and then add at multiple angles. Think about varying more different colors, styles and textures of the picks for maximum interest.

6. Stagger similar colored ornaments throughout the tree. Plain and less expensive ornaments, such as round ones, can be placed towards the inside of the tree to act as filler and add dimension to your tree.

7. Add special ornaments to the outer branches of the tree. Mix large and small ornaments and hang so that the ornaments seem to be slightly nestled into the tree. Every few minutes, take a few steps back from the tree to see if there are any glaring holes and that the colors are evenly distributed.

8. Place more floral picks throughout the body of the tree to fill in empty spots and to tie the tree together with color and texture. Most picks will stay if just stuck into the tree, but use floral wire to hold in place as necessary.

For more inspiration stop by the Gasper Home and Garden Showplace to see over 24 fully decorated Christmas trees. Gasper is located at 316 Tanyard Road in Richboro.

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