Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center becomes ‘Kin,’ seeking to embrace the community as family

The Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center in Buckingham is introducing its new name; Kin. Kin is the embodiment of family and kinship, which the Center will exude in every aspect of its offering while embracing the mantra: ‘by the community, for the community.’

In an effort to anchor the Center to Corinne, people will come to know the Center as; Kin Wellness and Support, Inspired by Corinne Transue Sikora.

Matt Sikora shares, “When I first mentioned my thoughts about re-branding, I think it came as a shock. But when I consider Corinne’s life of service to this community, I think she would undoubtedly want to redirect the attention away from herself and focus all of her positive energy on empowering the patients that this facility will help. Each person’s traversal through cancer is unique, and each patient has the right to their own identity, in their own story, without being forced to feel as if they are walking in the footsteps of someone who has gone before. Corinne had a way of making everyone she met feel like family, so the concept of Kin fits perfectly with her life of service. I’m forever grateful to everyone who rallied around Corinne’s final wish for the community. And now, with Corinne’s vision fulfilled, we can let Kin form its own identity from all the patients who will walk through the door and form new bonds, with new friends, and find new ways to heal in the warmth of the new family they have found in each other.”

Founding Member and long-time friend Alyssa Walloff adds, “By definition, the word ‘kin’ embodies Corinne’s love of people and the happiness that relationships brought to her and those who knew her. It also outlines what Corinne envisioned for the Center – a place where people sharing a common experience felt like family.”

The website will migrate to

Donation checks can be made out to Kin or Kin Wellness and Support.

Kin is an all-inclusive 5,000 square-foot retreat center, offering integrative services, support, fitness and therapy. The Center is free to Bucks County residents battling cancer regardless of where they are receiving treatment, and also welcomes family and caregivers.

Kin is made possible through generous donations from the local community. Kin’s mission is to help people find calm and peace and center themselves in a restorative environment. They strive to help bring people to a place where they feel empowered to manage their diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond.

Guests will have their non-medical – yet critical – emotional, physical, social and lifestyle needs met all under one roof. A wide variety of free holistic and integrative services, including nutrition classes, support groups, gardening, massage, music, book clubs, acupuncture, energy treatment, crafting, workshops, live music, counseling, yoga and fitness will be offered regularly.

Cancer patients in Bucks County are now invited to the pre-launch open enrollment currently featured on their website. The non-profit has launched a customized registry featuring over 100 items needed for the Center through MyRegistry ( People are invited to visit the website or app on their smart phone to source the registry items in need.

Kin is slated to open December 8th, 2021. They are located at 2325 Heritage Center Drive, Suite 113, Buckingham, PA 18925.

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