Book Review: ‘Trinity – The Awakening,’ by Anthony T. Jackson

    This series novel opens with an inquisitive government bureaucrat, Trinity Winters, finding herself in a maternal quandary after the sudden and tragic death of her son.

    Seeking answers and closure, her efforts push her deeper into the mysterious quicksand of national, international, and ultimately galactic power struggles that span centuries, even dating back to the beginning of time.

    Her journey begins under the tutelage of military genius and master martial artist Joshua Palmer, who teaches Trinity how to tap into her innate strength and intuition to combat the forces that keep her from the truth.

    This is accomplished through intensive Tai Chi and Kung Fu training at a master level.

    Together, their training and investigations culminate in the ultimate battle with the ultimate nemesis, Master Sargent Nathan Daniels (otherwise known as Grimm).

    There is a plethora of characters to keep this series continuing to the next book, and with a surprise ending, this book leaves you wondering. “Trinity – The Search” is due out in February 2022.

    Author Anthony T. Jackson weaves a story through multiple genres; mystery, self-discovery, love story, military/tactical action, martial arts, drama, science fiction, and a surprise ending that keeps you wanting more.

    His mastery of each genre awakens a rainbow of feelings for the reader from sensuality to compassion to curiosity.

    A Tennessee native, Anthony is a local author who lives in the Lower Bucks area and has first-hand life experience in his topic. He is a West Point graduate with training in multiple disciplines from Airborne Ranger Infantryman (and deployment to the first Gulf War) to multiple Special Ops work.

    He knows what he is talking about in the military genre.

    Very intense and exciting scenes are the result.

    Tony has also achieved master levels in many different styles of martial arts and has dedicated most of his instructional efforts to Kung Fu and Tai Chi.

    The inspiring philosophies of these realms are shared throughout the book.

    “Trinity – The Awakening” is an engaging read and recommended for adult readership.

    PHOTO CAPS: 1. The cover of “Trinity – The Awakening”

    2. Anthony T. Jackson

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