SPOTLIGHT: Newtown Karate Academy

Gain focus, get fit, have fun!

“If children don’t feel good about themselves, no matter how many gifts god gave them, they’ll never reach their full potential.” – Master Drumm

Develop the focus, spirit and concentration of a true black belt at Newtown Karate Academy, Newtown’s premier karate center specializing in children of all ages (we are 91% children).

Founded by Grandmaster Donald Drumm, this is the final school remaining that teaches Master Drumm’s unique skillset. “I had four schools [at one time], and 1800 students between those schools,” Master Drumm says. He also taught a women’s self-defense course for two years at Arcadia University, back when it was Beaver College.

Master Drumm has 45 years’ experience in martial arts. He specializes in Korean karate and self-defense, including hapkido. Korean karate is known for its effective and powerful kicks.

Master Drumm is also a pressure point expert who learned hand-to-hand combat in the US Marine Corps. He has promoted over 4,000 Black Belts and is an 8th Degree Black Belt himself.

At Newtown Karate Academy, you’re learning from the best.

Not only do we teach children how to punch, kick and defend themselves, but we focus on life skills that will lay foundations for success in all areas of their lives.

Many children don’t have a place they can come to learn courtesy, integrity and perseverance. At Newtown Karate Academy, we offer the opportunity for kids of all ages to experience these principles.

Schoolyard self-defense is taught to children and tactical self-defense for teens and adults.

Our teen and adult program builds endurance with cardio-style warmups, kickboxing combinations, and real-life tactical self-defense skills.

Newtown Karate Academy is nationally recognized for its award-winning programs. Our instructors have over 70 years’ experience and love what they do.

We also offer Virtual Training, giving you the unique opportunity to receive tailored workouts, family fun and professional guidance… all from the comfort of home!

Explore our website, find our ad in this paper, and start your journey today.

“It’s about what your son or daughter is looking to learn; you can’t compare any two [kids],” says Master Drumm. You receive personalized time and attention at Newtown Karate Academy.

Contact us at 267-757-0111 for more info or to schedule a free private trial lesson.

PHOTO CAP: Grandmaster Drumm teaching a seminar of 50 kids in Philadelphia. 

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