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A holistic view of healthy aging from Friends Life Care

Americans are living longer, but we’re not necessarily living healthier. What can we all do to better manage our health and wellness to delay the decline that naturally comes with aging?

At Friends Life Care, we have found that a combination of vitality, independence, growth, and resilience (VigR®) can help improve many people’s wellbeing. This is at the core of Friends Life Care’s philosophy and supports our decades long Quaker-value based mission.

The Difference Between Aging and Aging Well

When we talk about VigR®, we focus on delivering important education and information; namely, workshops, webinars, classes, and assessments in the field of health, prevention and wellness for older adults. 

As a result, delivering smart health and wellness solutions is part of the foundation of what Friends Life Care provides members.

Our Comprehensive Approach to Your Wellbeing

Friends Life Care offers members annual health and wellness assessments. These assessments track changes in their health over time and helps their Wellness and Care Coordinator to identify and recommend interventions that may reduce risk factors as they age.

These comprehensive assessments, a combination of 11 proprietary and standardized tools, are included as part of every membership at no additional cost. More importantly, the assessments are managed by a team of professional Wellness and Care Coordinators who collaborate with members to find a good fit with short- and long-term goals.

A Better Way to Age in Place

Peace of mind is knowing you have a strong support system should you need it in the future.

From day one of membership, you are assigned a designated Wellness Coordinator who acts as your health care advocate, first focusing on whole-health promotion and then your continued wellness.

Friends Life Care membership provides a holistic approach to wellness, prevention, and care for those who prefer to age in the comfort of their own home.

Membership plans are customizable and provide financial security while allowing for members to maintain an independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

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Learn more about VigR® wellness programming and our approach to healthy aging:

PHOTO CAP: Friends Life Care is committed to empowering people with the information and tools needs to continue thriving as they age.

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