Spotlight: PathStone

PathStone is a private, not-for-profit community development and human service organization serving Bucks County, as well as other counties in PA, IN, NJ, NY, OH, Puerto Rico and VA.

One of the programs we operate here in Bucks County is the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a Department of Labor job training program for adults aged 55 and older looking for work.

Kathy Shiley, of Morrisville, was enrolled in PathStone’s SCSEP. She was assigned to work at the Morrisville Senior Center.

Her job consisted of greeting people in person and over the phone, assisting the Center manager and other personnel, as well as helping with numerous events.

Oftentimes, Kathy would stay longer than her assigned time at Center events to complete the task at hand. She enjoyed running the evening Bingo event as part of her training.

These Bingo events were very successful, helping to raise thousands of dollars for the Center.

During this time, Kathy acquired knowledge utilizing various office computer programs such as Word, Excel and Microsoft email.

Through the acquisition of these skills and increased knowledge of the Center’s operation, she became a valuable part of the Center’s staff team.

As a result of the experience she gained through SCSEP, Kathy was hired directly by the Senior Center as Administrative Assistant.

In this capacity, she has numerous responsibilities such as providing administrative support to the manager, and coordinating the Center’s fund-raising programs such as a Craft Fair and Flea Market taking place this September.

She also administers the Co-Pilot computer program which tracks daily attendance, and volunteer hours, and also oversees hall rentals as well as the annual food voucher distribution program.  In all that she does, her love for the people served by the Senior Center shines through to everyone. 

“Over the course of five years, Kathy has certainly made a significant contribution to the Senior Center and the people it serves”, says Clark Shuster, the Center Director. “We are proud of what she has accomplished and how she has grown in workplace abilities and organizational knowledge.  We are grateful to PathStone for bringing her to us and certainly recommend the program to other agencies that may have a need to hire a senior who is willing and eager to learn new skills.”

PHOTO CAP: Kathy Shiley, PathStone SCSEP star, at work in her office at the Morrisville Senior Center.

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