Spotlight: Insurance Shops

As a FREE Medicare Enrollment Center, we help thousands of seniors navigate the Medicare maze and transition to Medicare.

We often say we have seen it all, but lately we have had some real brain teasers referred to us from other agencies that needed a lot of research to help those clients get the right plans.

We are different because we are appointed to sell most of the Medicare supplement and advantage plans offered in our area.

We have the contacts and resources to solve most of the problems that get passed onto us from clients who have nowhere else to turn.

When clients are shopping for the best plan for them, we do not push one product over another because all the options are available here.

Reoccurring issues we see over and over are when one person on an employer plan turns 65 and is worried about what happens to the rest of the family when they go on Medicare. 

We help many police and fire retirees’ transition onto plans when they retire early, and benefits run out. Subsidies are available to help with these costs.

Our staff medical professionals help clients in picking their Part D Drug plans for the next year, so our clients are always in the lowest priced plans for the drugs they take.

This year, like most years, there will be changes to Medicare plans and Drug plans and doing nothing can cost seniors a lot of money.

We will be hosting a series of seminars again this year to go over Medicare basics and answer questions.

Everyone is invited and encouraged to come out to get educated so you don’t make the mistakes that we see hundreds of people make when they enroll themselves or get help from a friend or neighbor.

Call us at 215-613-4999 for more info on the times and place of the local seminars in your area or visit

PHOTO CAP: Insurance Shops being presented with five Newtown Business Association mugs – one for each event sponsored; we give back to the community!

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