Spotlight: Duncan School of Driving

Reasons to seek professional driving instruction

Build a Solid Foundation

Most experienced drivers have picked up certain shortcuts or have become lax when it comes to certain driving behaviors. Habits are hard to break so learning the proper way from the beginning is important. Professional driving instructors can provide students with the correct driving techniques while providing a calm environment in which to learn.

Insurance Savings

Many insurance companies offer discounts to students who have passed a professional driving course.

Gain Experience

Most new drivers are teens, and between their busy schedules and those of their parents, it can be difficult to get chunks of time for practice. A professional driving course will create a structured time for the student driver to learn, gain road experience, and learn how to safely operate a car.  This makes it safer and less stressful for parents to practice with their teen.

Preparation for Road Test

A formal driving course will help students to learn and practice all of the skills necessary to pass their road test.

Increase Confidence

Professionally trained teachers know how to build confidence and prepare new drivers for the potential obstacles they will face behind the wheel. 

Safety First

Perhaps the most significant reason to take driving lessons is safety. Driving can be dangerous and life threatening when safety isn’t viewed as a priority by the driver. A professional driving course will provide a focus on safety and it will teach new drivers the do’s and don’ts of being a careful driver. 

Taking driving lessons from an accredited school can help all new drivers learn the right way to drive, which will ultimately make them safer drivers.

The instructors at Duncan School of Driving have up to 30 years of experience in driver instruction. Call 215-357-0989 or email to schedule behind the wheel lessons.

Duncan’s also offer classroom instruction on driving theory through the Northampton Twp. Parks and Recreation. The next course is offered from 9:00am-3:00pm, August 16th – 20th at the Newtown Township Building. Register at

PHOTO CAP: Don’t learn how to drive by accident!

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