Spotlight: Brady’s Botanicals

Owners of Brady’s Botanicals, Roger and Sharon, have been asked more and more often how their products help with relief from physical and mental health conditions that cause poorer quality of life. 

“The number one condition we are asked to help with is anxiety,” they say. “We find that adolescent anxiety is on the rise and par with adult anxiety.”

Although Brady’s provides legal access to our products without a medical ID card, about 90% of our clients are medical marijuana patients.

“Our clients come to Brady’s because we have been able to provide better outcomes.”

Users of our products report improved sleep quality, quelled anxiety and overall relief of qualms.

Roger and Sharon go on to say, “We research clinical data and consult with physician specialists to share with clients how they can supplement physical and mental management protocols with the use of cannabinoid therapeutics.”

Brady’s Botanicals consistently improves wellness factors when it comes to conditions and ailments. 

For consumers, choosing the right cannabis/hemp products(s) is not as easy as heading to Google for the most popular brand. The majority of products on the market are “white label” and mass-produced.

Additionally, many products on the market use 3 to 4 poor ingredients and/or fillers that are low cost and low quality then sell those products at a standard retail price.

This is where Brady’s stands alone in the swarm of cannabis/hemp-related products.

Unlike nearly all other companies, Sharon and Roger are in control of the ingredients and formulations of our organic products from start to finish.

“We see a lot of fraudulent products masquerading as being helpful to people/pets and businesses who don’t understand the benefits of these types of products.” 

Roger and Sharon are accomplished and highly experienced in Endocannabinoid medicine.

When it comes to cannabis and hemp, they help clients limit trial and error, provide dosage recommendations and build product regimes that are physical and mental-health supportive.  

Contact Brady’s Botanicals for a free in-person consultation on how to incorporate cannabinoid therapeutics in their physical and mental supplement protocols. 

All of Brady’s Botanicals products are validated via third-party testing. Brady’s products provide tremendous therapeutic value to both MMJ and Non-MMJ patients.

Visit Brady’s Botanicals at their store location, or online by visiting for more information.

We are located in MARRAZZO’S Big Oak Shopping Center, 364 West Trenton Ave., Yardley-Morrisville. Our hours are: Tues-Fri, 12:00 to 6:00pm; Sat, 11:00am to 4:00pm; Sun, 12:00 to 5:00pm. Call or text us at 833-692-7239.

PHOTO CAP: Brady’s Botanicals owners Roger and Sharon celebrate a bumper crop.

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