Keystone State News Connection & Public News Join WGAL, WTAE as a Member of the Trust Project

    8 Trust Indicators help public spotlight transparent, accurate and accountable journalism

    As people struggle to find news and information they can trust, Keystone State News Connection and its network Public News Service are helping readers and viewers more easily evaluate their content by implementing the Trust Project’s “8 Trust Indicators.”

    The 8 Trust Indicators are a widely accepted transparency and accountability standard developed by The Trust Project in collaboration with input from the public, and senior leaders from news organizations worldwide. PBS Frontline, The Denver Post and NYT are also members.

    “It’s a staggering responsibility to be a public voice in our historic times. People need to have accurate information and learn about solutions that are truly workable. We welcome this pioneering initiative to hold ourselves accountable to our own values and mission, and help chart a path forward for journalism in turbulent times,” said founder Lark Corbeil.

    Keystone State News Connection (accessed by other newsrooms at and Public News Service underwent an extensive, six-month process to implement the Trust Project’s 8 Trust IndicatorsTM – evaluating and updating policies, creating new processes, and making existing standards public. They join a global network of more than 200 news outlets committed to socially responsible, transparent journalism.

    The Indicators help people know who and what is behind reporting through disclosures about:

    – Best Practices (Standards and Policies)
    – Journalist Expertise (Background, Experience & Interests)
    – Type of Work Labels (News, Opinion, Paid Content, Advertising)
    – References (Source Materials)
    – Methods of reporting
    – Local expertise and sourcing (Location & Communities)
    – Diverse Voices and perspectives
    – Actionable Feedback (Public Engagement)

    “We are proud to welcome Keystone State News Connection and Public News Service into the Trust Project and our global network of news sites. Through implementing the 8 Trust Indicators and the principles behind them, KSNC and PNS strengthen their relationship with the community they serve and underscore their commitments to accuracy, inclusion, impartiality and accountability,” said Sally Lehrman, founder and chief executive of the Trust Project. “As more news organizations adopt the 8 Trust Indicators, we slow the spread of false and misleading news and amplify integrity-based journalism around the world.”

    To learn more about The Trust Project and the 8 Trust Indicators, visit


    About the Trust Project:

    The Trust Project is a global network of news organizations working to affirm and amplify journalism’s commitment to transparency, accuracy and inclusion. The project created the Trust Indicators,TM which are a collaborative, journalism-generated standard for news that helps both people and algorithms easily assess the authority and integrity of news. The Trust Indicators are based in robust user-centered design research and respond to public needs and wants. For more, visit

    About Keystone State News Connection and Public News Service:

    Keystone State News Connection is part of the 37-state network of Public News Service which serves thousands of media outlets and newsrooms across regional, technical and political divides. Similar to news agencies like the Associated Press or Thomson Reuters, newsrooms may use any element of the content to supplement their own reporting – but access is free – supported by grants, gifts and membership from nonprofits, foundations, individuals and appreciative media outlets. Newsrooms access the content through the portal and all content is publicly available at

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