Spotlight: Thompson Motor Service

Thompson Motor Service has been a husband-and-wife family-owned and operated business for the past 100 years!

Over the course of the last century, the Thompson family has created a name for themselves.

Founded as L&T Motor Service by George Thompson and Oscar “Guy” Lawhead, Thompson Motor Service holds bragging rights as the first gas station on US Route 1 between Trenton, NJ and Philadelphia.

George and Guy met while training to work on Liberty B Trucks and other motorized equipment while serving in the Motor Transport Corps. in WWI and decided to go into business together when they got home. Guy would move back home to IL after a year, leaving George to take over and change the name to Thompson Motor Service.

As a full-service automobile and truck repair shop in 1921, the business saw a smattering of cars, but also repaired broken wagon wheels, axles, etc. As a result, blacksmithing kept the business afloat until cars became more plentiful.

Towing was also part of the services provided and George was on call 24/7.

He knew as cars became more common, the need for gas would grow, so he added gas tanks in front of the building.

The business has since evolved while maintaining its family focus, recently employing the fifth generation to help at the shop.

Len, fourth-generation, partnered with his father, Bruce, in 2005 and his youth and good business sense have kept Thompson Motor Service moving forward in an ever-changing industry.

As Thompson Motor Service celebrates 100 successful years in their unchanged location, their work ethic and honesty prevail the same today as it did all those years ago.

This business is one of the oldest continuous businesses in Penndel and enjoys serving the local community with our hard-working owners and employees.

Thompson Motor Service has a great customer base, and they consider most of their customers to be friends as well.

Please visit them at 34 W. Lincoln Highway for your entire car repair needs.

PHOTO CAP: The crew at Thompson Motor Service, Charles Lauble, Beverly Thompson, Eric Solitario, Jim Oswald, Len Thompson, Steve Feyh, Chip Schrieber and Bruce Thompson.

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