Spotlight: Protect and preserve the Holland Community

Help us “Say No” to the Holland Super Wawa proposal

A “Super Wawa” mega-gas station and convenience store has been proposed to Northampton Township and will soon come before our Board of Supervisors. 

The site is at the “Gateway to Northampton Township” in the Village of Holland, at the corners of Buck, Rocksville and Holland Roads, known as the “Wright Property.”

The corner of Buck & Rocksville is one of the highest accident intersections in Northampton Township.

The proposed Super Wawa includes 16 gas pumps, a 24-7 operation, an enormous canopy, a 5,585 square foot building and more than 50 parking spaces.

The local residents, some whose houses are only 70’ from the site, and other citizens of our Township, are seriously concerned with the negative effects that will come with the Super Wawa: Air, noise and light pollution, traffic congestion, soil & groundwater contamination, large tanker trucks in a residential area, increased crime and overall negative effects on quality of life in our neighborhood.

The Holland residents, in collaboration with the Bucks County Planners and our own Township were presented with the Holland Village Master Plan in 2014. This plan proposed to make Holland Village a “walkable village” with several attractive/useful proposals for the Wright Property, such as a small park, low rise commercial use or low rise cluster housing. None of the proposals included a high impact 24-7, gasoline station/convenience store.

We are not opposed to Wawa expanding in Holland. Wawa and their developer, Provco, have options to locate their Super Wawa at the current location or at the lower end of the Wright Property. The forward-thinking Township Planning Commission has voted unanimously against the Wawa proposal. 

We are now depending on our Supervisors to show leadership and take a stand to stop Wawa from destroying Holland Village and our neighborhoods for now and for future generations.

We are asking support from the Northampton Community. 

Please review this disastrous proposal and add your voice to ours by signing the petition at   Please contact the Township Supervisors and support us in preserving and improving our Village of Holland.

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