Spotlight: Any Lab Test Now®

    After searching for a business concept for years, Roseann Silver opened an Any Lab Test Now® franchise location in December of 2019.

    Roseann is a registered nurse entrepreneur who is passionate about providing high quality consumer-driven healthcare.

    She has become used to hearing people ask: What is Any Lab Test Now®? What do you do? Who would pay cash for lab testing?

    Think of us as concierge lab medicine. The Any Lab Test Now® brand provides direct consumer access to clinical, DNA, and drug and alcohol lab testing services through our retail storefront business model.

    Customers can walk-in to our Langhorne location or visit our website; choose the lab test they want and get tested. Pricing is provided up-front and found on our website.

    The physician’s order is provided through our location’s ordering physician. The franchise partners with major, high quality approved laboratories throughout the U.S. so that our clients, especially physicians, can trust the quality of all lab test results.

    We do standard clinical labs that your general practitioner might order such as a cholesterol panel as well as specialty nutritional labs and STDs. Under the DNA category, we perform paternity testing, early gender reveal testing, as well as pharmacogenomics.

    Employers as well as private consumers use our drug screening services for hiring needs or for personal reasons such as court-ordered testing. We also do COVID-19 PCR and antibody testing. We are a great resource for international travelers needing a PCR test.

    Healthcare and medical budgets are big concerns for people right now. Our affordable, upfront prices fit into most healthcare budgets. My staff and I are dedicated to customer experience.

    There is also a desire for confidentiality and discreetness in some situations. We are sensitive to this. We love talking to clients and assisting them with the intricacies of healthcare.

    Come into our Langhorne location in the Summit Square shopping center or call us at 267-405-9922 today!

    Any Lab Test Now® is here for you!

    PHOTO CAP: From left, Rachel Anderson, Lab Manager and Roseann Silver, Owner

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