Rachel Whitty Winner of the Rotary Club of Shady Brook’s 2021 Phil Huber Memorial Scholarship Award

    The Rotary Club of Shady Brook was delighted to present Rachel Whitty, a graduating senior at Neshaminy High School, with its annual Phil Huber Memorial Scholarship Award.  The award recognizes a student’s exemplary academic achievements, involvement in their school’s extracurricular activities and community involvement. 

    Rachel’s 4.2 GPA and National Honor Society membership combined with her participation in the school’s ski club, Filed Hockey team, Gym Night, Gender Equality Club collecting feminine hygiene products which were donated to a local woman’s shelter, Mini-THON to raise money for families battling childhood cancer, Mustx Field Hockey and the Langhorne Rotary’s Neshaminy Interact Club and pro bono babysitting and dog walking, Operation Christmas Chile, COVID-19 Mask Making, employment at Styer’s Market and at the Newtown Athletic Club where she organizes, sets-up and runs a variety of festivals and parties set her apart as a more than well-deserving of this scholarship.

    It is particularly noteworthy that in addition to the monies provided by the Rotary Club, former Club member Phil Huber’s wife, Kathy, and the Cautilli family made significant contributions to this monetary award.

    Rachel wanted to thank the Club, Kathy Huber and the Cautilli family for their recognition of her accomplishments and generous award.

    “I am truly honored and grateful to have received the Shady Brook Rotary Phil Huber Memorial Scholarship.  Being rewarded for what I love to do is a great feeling to have.  As my four-year journey at Neshaminy High School comes to an end, I lie to think back to all the great opportunities and memories that have formed from it.  In the classroom I strive to be the best student I could while also pushing myself to be a helpful member of m community.  I took pride in my grades that I received and the academic honors I was inducted into such as the National Honor Society and Spanish Honor Society.

    It was through my extracurricular activities where I grew the most.  I met so amny people who had similar interests and I and learned many skills such as goal setting, time management, problem solving, sportsmanship and discipline which I will carry on for the rest of my life.  As much as I enjoyed myself during these activities, most importantly, I found myself AND WHAT I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT.

    I am extremely lucky to live the life I was given and understand that many people don’t have the same opportunity.  I feel it is my duty to help those in need which is what led me to community service.  To mention a few, I volunteered at a Red Cross blood drive, helped with suicide prevention through the Peyton Heart Project, supplied a local family with a member battling terminal cancer with Christmas gifts through the Breathing Room Foundation, and made fleece blankets for St. Mary Medical Center patients.

    Through the Neshaminy Interact Club I was a helping hand in a successful send-off through the Sunrise Foundation, whose sole purpose is to answer the dreams of chronically-ill, seriously-ill, physically-challenged and abused children ages three to eighteen.  We spent a whole year raising money through school-wide events to be able to fulfill a child’s dream.  It was so rewarding to watch it come together in the end.

    Next year I will be attending the University of Georgia in Athens, GA.  Although I am not currently confident about a specific major, I am interested in the STEM field.  I believe I am a very good problem solver making me a good candidate for engineering and as I grew up n an age of technology which pulls my attention.

    Despite having to move 12-hours from home, I am excited to create a new name for myself and establish who I am as a person.  I plan to be come a very active member within the university through joining organizations and clubs that pique my interest, such as service groups, clubs pertaining to my major and cultural groups.  I would also like to become a resident advisor and mentor those around me.  I also plan to find great intern opportunities while in college to gain experience and knowledge that will be beneficial to my life after college. 

    I know that starting this new chapter in my life is very daunting but I am ready for the adventures ahead of me.  I am excited for this life-changing time in my life and hope to take advantage of its fullest potential.  I am so grateful for this opportunity and am very confident that continuing what I have learned these past years and more will get me to a place where I have succeeded.

    The Future’s so bright and the journey has just begun.”

    The Club is proud to have had the opportunity to make this presentation to a talented and accomplished young lady.  There is little doubt that she has the ability and motivation to achieve and exceed her expectations!

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