Tips on keeping your home safe this summer

submitted by Rick Meyers, AAA Insurance Broker/Nichole Meyers, Richboro Office,

Summer is almost here which means dusting off the grill, opening the pool and taking a vacation. The increasing temperature usually means increased homeowner claims. Besides ensuring you have enough coverage, here are a few tips to keep yourself safe.

Grill Fires – Clean off any built up grease, check and fix any leaks and have a fire extinguisher nearby. Keep the grill away from your house and ensure the children stay away.

Theft – When taking a vacation, don’t announce the days you will be away on social media. Motion lights help deter criminals, along with securing your windows and doors before leaving. Installing an alarm, or even a ring doorbell can offer protection, and a discount on your rate with some insurance carriers.

Pool Accident – Ensuring the fence/gate is closed and locked each day is important. Having adult supervision when guests are over and a set of rules also can help minimize the risk of accident.

Mold and Mildew – Going from winter to summer can take a toll on HVAC and plumbing systems. Check for leaks, change your air filters and having your HVAC serviced is a good practice. Turning your water heater temperature down when you go on vacation and setting your air a few degrees higher can also help save money.

Storm Damage – Rising temperatures can cause severe thunderstorms and hurricanes which bring high winds and a lot of rain. Clean your gutters, trim back trees and secure outdoor furniture from blowing away are all good practices to help avoid a claim.

Water/Sewer Line Back up – Summer time usually means more people at home, whether its children or hosting events. Having a backup is more common in the summer months. This coverage is not included in all homeowners’ policies, so it’s important to review.

Having the right insurance policy is one of the best ways to avoid problems that can spoil your summer fun. Shopping with a local broker will give you peace of mind that you are protected.

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