Spotlight: The MAX Challenge Feasterville

    How the combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation can change lives

    Before Divya Kapur became the owner of The MAX Challenge Feasterville, she found herself in a difficult place. She was being treated for a depression – taking medications she knew were contributing to weight gain, and she was far from feeling like the best version of herself.

    Divya knew she had to do something, and that’s when she found The MAX Challenge.

    Divya says, “It was the first fitness program that worked for me, and that’s because it was so much more than just exercise – I became a part of The MAX family! I was surrounded by a group of people, all working toward similar goals of weight loss and improved overall health, and that helped me stay motivated to show up to class each day.”

    It is through a unique combination of fitness, nutrition, and motivation, that The MAX Challenge delivers its members incredible and life-altering results.

    The MAX Challenge engages members with a high level of interaction, a non-threatening environment, and a support system made up of trainers and fellow members. In addition, the nutrition plan provided by The MAX Challenge is easy to follow and utilizes ingredients available at the local supermarket, making it simple and sustainable.

    After completing her 10-Week Challenge, Divya had undergone a total transformation.

    She’d lost the weight she’d gained and was able to come off her medications.

    Most importantly, she felt better than she’d ever felt before, and was ready to go after her dream – Divya would open her own business.

    “I developed a strong desire to help others in the way that The MAX Challenge had helped me, so I pursued the franchise opportunity,” Divya states. “My husband Nitin, our two kids and I moved to Feasterville. Right away, we knew we’d made the right decision.”

    For more information on how to begin your own transformation, call 267-762-1133 or visit

    The MAX Challenge is located at 1045 Bustleton Pike in the Feasterville Shopping Center.

    PHOTO CAP: The MAX Challenge of Feasterville owners, Nitin Doegar and Divya Kapur.  

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