Alternatives to bathroom surgery

Have you ever had a toenail that will not stop bothering you? Or maybe you know a certain teenager in your family who can’t stop picking at the corners of their toes.  Are you someone who has nearly falling off the chair or slipped with your foot on the edge of the sink while trying to dig out that little piece that you just can’t see, but you know is in there?

These are a few scenarios I can think of off the top of my head. In the podiatry world, we call this bathroom surgery. And the results can be…well let’s just say less than desirable. I know it’s sometimes gross to think about this stuff, but chances are you know someone suffering from a simple ingrown toenail. Do them a favor, send them to see me, Dr. Sohl. I can help.

In the 10 years since my surgical podiatry residency, I have treated hundreds of people suffering from these pesky toe pains. I have learned that many people have a great deal of anxiety when it comes to this issue. Some folks have bad memories from prior podiatric experiences, some people don’t like needles, some people have a friend that says it’s the worst. Some people try to ignore the problem altogether which unfortunately doesn’t solve the problem either. That’s where I come in…I can solve this problem. You just have to call Sohl Foot & Ankle and we’ll get you fixed up right away. 

With every patient I work my hardest to establish trust in the treatment process and facilitate a calm, thoughtful experience. What I want most for my patients is them to feel comfortable and confident enough to call on me if another ingrown nail occurs. 

And I did I say I can solve this problem for you. Yes, it’s true and it’s not rocket science. There are a couple tried and true procedures that can be done in the office that can eliminate a small piece of ingrowing nail…forever! There are also new technologies that are being used to solve this issue that are completely non-invasive. Call Sohl Foot & Ankle today at 267-699-3839 to find out how you can help a tender toe in need.

PHOTO CAP: Bathroom surgery is not the best way to handle some issues.

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