Owen Flynn’s journey to Eagle Scout Award

by Stewart Gross

Owen Flynn, of Langhorne, enthusiastically told me, “I have two more merit badges to earn Eagle Scout.”

Owen has been in Scouting since the first grade, and his entire tenure has been with Troop 19.

“I joined the Cub Scout pack at Langhorne Presbyterian all the way back in first grade. As soon as I entered sixth grade, I graduated to Troop 19. I’ve always been with the same bunch of guys through my elementary years at Herbert Hoover Elementary, Maple Point Middle School, and now as a junior at Neshaminy High School.”

“I got involved in Scouting because my parents wanted me to try it. My grandfather was a Boy Scout and he also encouraged me. As soon as I got started, I grew into it myself and became very interested, especially in camping.”

“My first camping trip was to the Carlisle War College right by Gettysburg. It was really cool to camp in those fields. Carlisle is a school for officer’s training and a military museum. I had such a great time that I wanted to stay in scouting for the long haul.”


“Three or four years ago I decided I wanted to try to get to First Class which is the first step in ‘real scouting.’ Leadership positions start then. When I got up to First Class, I realized that I had three years to earn Eagle Scout. I saw the older guys in my troop earn Eagle Scout and that motivated me to go for it. Also since three years was so much time to earn it.  I looked up to the older scouts. They were my leaders and that gave me the spark to go for it.”

“My Eagle mentor is Chuck Pinkerton. He is a police detective whose son is an Eagle Scout. He helped me earn my cooking merit badge. His children are long graduated, but he loves Scouting and mentoring and stayed with the troop. He oversees me following guidelines and assessed my finished Eagle Scout project.  He is Assistant Scout Master of Troop 19 to Head Scout Master Tony Singleton.”


“My favorite service project in Scouting was assisting an older Scout who was my mentor to get his Eagle Scout at Camp Silver Lake in Bristol. We removed a barbed wire fence there that was very dangerous to wildlife. Deer were getting stuck and injured in it.”

“My favorite badge I earned was first aid. It is the most useful one for everyday life. I know how to treat heat stroke, splint broken limbs, assess concussions, and perform the Heimlich and CPR. When I meet the age requirement, I’d like to get certified in CPR.”


Owen’s Eagle Scout Project was repairing the debilitated dugouts at the Langhorne Athletic Association baseball fields.

“My entire family including myself has gone through LAA and played baseball. My younger brother Ben plays U-12 travel there now. The dugouts were in bad shape for a long time.”

“Kevin McGarry, President of Langhorne AA baseball already realized that there were structural issues with the dugouts, mainly at the minor league fields. He gladly took me up on my offer to do it as my final Eagle Scout Project.”

“They had beams that needed reinforcement and some that literally needed to be re-attached. The beams were weathered. They had been around since before I played there as a kid. In a few years they were going to become a serious safety hazard.”

“My team of Scouts and I reinforced and repaired the beams. We replaced the bad joints, brackets and bolts. The beams themselves were badly worn from weather exposure. We did heavy-duty staining to restore them.”

“We also built a new picnic table next to the minor league field, so that the people working or watching the game could sit there. The table helped because there is no bleacher space since parents are spread-out and not allowed to sit in the bleachers to view games because of COVID.”

Owen did not have to do a fundraiser to pay for the materials. LAA funded the entire project. He had to submit a budget, which was then voted on and approved by LAA’s board. This was a huge help since it is very difficult to do a traditional fundraiser during COVID.


“As soon as I earn my final two merit badges and submit the Eagle Scout workbook (a compilation of everything Owen’s accomplished in Scouting) to the Council at Washington Crossing, I will earn Eagle Scout. I hope to have the badges completed by summertime.”

“The approval will probably happen in early summer before I turn 18.”

PHOTO CAP: Owen Flynn’s team at the ball field, from left, Peter Nowak, Owen, Shawn Singleton, Jacob Forbes, Ben Harris and Scoutmaster Tony Singleton.  

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