Corinne Sikora’s vision for a cancer center finds a home in Bucks County

A 5,000 square-foot location at Heritage Center in Buckingham, across from Fox Chase Cancer Center, will be the home of The Corinne Sikora Wellness and Support Center. The Center will welcome anyone battling cancer, regardless of where they are receiving treatment, along with their family and caregivers. The Center will be a place where patients can have their non-medical – yet critical – emotional, physical, social and lifestyle needs met throughout their journey of treatment, recovery and beyond. A wide variety of free holistic and integrative services, including nutrition classes, support groups, book clubs, acupuncture, energy treatment, counseling, yoga and fitness will be offered in this relaxing, tranquil environment.

While the Center’s launch budget exceeds $350,000, Pine2Pink/Main St. Missions and Green Street Real Estate have pledged $200,000 to the project. Designations for “Founding Partners”still exist for those interested in committing $100,000 or more to this community driven project. The Founding Members of the Center are Corinne Sikora, Alyssa Walloff, Keith Fenimore, Kristina Fenimore and Marianne Fenimore. Additionally, Dr. Shelly Hayes, Associate Professor of Radiation Oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center and Director, Fox Chase Cancer Center Buckingham and Dr. Cynthia Bergman, Department Surgical Oncology Director, are founding members and consultants. Richard Lyons, Owner of Green Street, and Frank Lombardo, Managing Partner of Green Street, are overseeing the Center’s construction and design.

As she was battling both breast and brain cancer, local resident Corinne Sikora had a wish for one comprehensive place for those in the cancer community to find emotional and physical support. She envisioned a warm, welcoming, communal wellness and support Center as a retreat for people at all stages of their cancer journey. Before Corinne, a wife and mother, passed on November 25th, 2020, she shared these thoughts with her good friend, Alyssa Walloff, and asked Alyssa to pass her vision on to Keith Fenimore, Founder and Executive Director of Pine2Pink and Main Street Missions.

“It was overwhelming to get the message from Corinne via Alyssa. For us to be hand- picked to shepherd this vision was equal parts humbling and terrifying. This is a large- scale endeavor, but the upside of its success means people’s lives in our community will be made better, and that’s an undeniably powerful notion, and one we just had to pursue, both for Corinne and for our community,” shares Keith and Kristina Fenimore.

In addition to financial support, many people in the community have already stepped up to help offset costs by donating services and resources. The Center is seeking experts and practitioners who can help round out an already robust programmatic offering. If you’d like to learn more, or contribute in a meaningful way, visit and click “Get Involved.”

The Fenimores have set up a non-profit entity that will run the Center under the name Main Street Missions. Channels will soon be put in place so all local medical providers and health care institutions in the area can work in concert with the Main Street Mission team to ensure every local cancer patient is aware of the Center and the Center is accessible to every local cancer patient in need.

To learn more, donate, or to contact Main St. Missions, visit There you’ll find a designated PayPal donation option on the site to accept any and all financial contributions for the Center. You may also mail a check to P.O. Box 307, Doylestown, PA 18901.

PHOTO CAP: Pictured from left, Frank Lombardo, Kristina Fenimore, Marianne Fenimore, Keith Fenimore, Alyssa Walloff, Dr. Shelly Hayes, and Matt Sikora. Not pictured, Dr. Cynthia Bergman. Photo by George Walloff.

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