Virtual Concert to support The Pennsylvania American Legion and programs that support our communities

    The strength of our country hasn’t just been won on the battlefield, it’s won every day in our communities when we come together in our toughest time. For over 100 years, The American Legion has been strengthening communities by providing lifesaving help to our Veterans and neighbors. It’s what The American Legion is all about.

    The American Legion is a nonprofit veteran service organization that supports Veterans, current service men and women, their families and the communities we live in. The American Legion is an organization that helps all Veterans and their families, not just members of The American Legion.

    A review of reports covering July 2019 through June 2020 find, that even during a pandemic, Pennsylvania American Legion 700+ posts are still working within our communities and for our fellow Veterans — to the tune of over two and a half million dollars ($2,572,707) for the year.

    Our programs include scholarships for Pennsylvania youth, American Legion Baseball, Boy Scouts, essay and oratorical contests, local blood drives, food drives, Temporary Financial Assistance to families, providing funeral honors, parades, VA patient support, Veteran Service Officers, job training and housing for homeless Veterans to name a few.

    This past year has been a hardship for so many but The American Legion has still been there, in your community, working to make a better tomorrow. Yet because of the pandemic it has been difficult to fundraise the same way we have other years to support our Americanism, Community Service, Children & Youth, and Veteran Programs.

    With the help from our friends at Advocate Health Advisors and Friend Entertainment we are having a live virtual concert to support The American Legion and our programs that boost our communities.

    On Saturday, May 1st, 2021 two great bands – Brothers & Friends (Marshall Tucker Tribute Band) and Sharp Dressed Band (ZZ Top Tribute Band) will be playing a virtual concert in support of The American Legion!

    Anyone can purchase a ticket and enjoy the concert in the comfort of their own home. The tickets are only $10 to purchase for a night of Rock and Roll fun. The website to buy a ticket and support the Pennsylvania American Legion is

    People can select “Buy Ticket & Support the Mission” button for $15 to buy a ticket to the concert and donate an extra $5 to The Pennsylvania American Legion. YouTube link promoting the concert –

    Please visit our website for more information about the concert

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