TOPP Opens Applications for Type One Diabetes Camp Scholarship Program

Type One Parent Project (TOPP Foundation) is pleased to announce that they will once again be providing need-based camp scholarships to Camp Nejeda for children and teens living with the daily challenges of type one diabetes (T1D).


TOPP Camp Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to families wishing to send children with Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) to Camp Nejeda, a specialized diabetes summer camp.

Children with T1D are often unable to attend overnight summer camp because their disease requires 24-hour attention.

Parents can feel confident letting their children go to sleep-away camp at Camp Nejeda since experts are onsite 24 hours a day to provide medical attention and care. This scholarship will help defray the cost of camp because TOPP understands that the medical costs of Type 1 Diabetes can be daunting, and a specialized diabetic camp can be a further financial hardship.

TOPP will be issuing a limited number of scholarships to families who demonstrate a financial need and live in Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Philadelphia County, PA. The application period begins on 3/1/2021 and the deadline is 4/30/2021. The application can be found at

About Camp Nejeda, A Specialized Diabetes Summer Camp
Camp Nejeda, located in Newton, NJ, is a specialized residential diabetes summer camp that provides 24-hour medical attention and offers the unique opportunity for children and teens to experience the joy of sleep-away camp with peers who share the same medical condition. Campers have fun while learning self-reliance, selfconfidence, and how to better manage their diabetes. Due to COVID-19, Camp Nejeda plans to operate camp sessions at 50% capacity during the 2021 summer months. Please visit for more information.

About Type 1 Diabetes (T1D)
T1D is an autoimmune disease in which insulin-producing cells in the pancreas are destroyed by the body’s immune system. There is currently no cure and its causes are not fully known. People with T1D are dependent
on injected or pumped insulin and need to carefully regulate their blood sugar to stay alive. Living with T1D is a full-time balancing act requiring constant attention and meticulous planning to avoid acute, life-threatening
hypoglycemia or the long-term damage done by hyperglycemia.

About Type One Parent Project
TOPP Foundation is a Bucks County nonprofit founded in 2016 by 3 mothers who each have a son with T1D.
TOPP’s mission is to support and connect the local T1D community and raise awareness and funds supporting efforts to find a cure. For more information about TOPP or to donate, please visit

Free Virtual Camp by the American Diabetes Association
The ADA is offering a free virtual camp for kids ages 5-17 with Type 1 Diabetes. Imagine Camp 2021 is an at-home, virtual experience connecting kids and families with daily 1-hour virtual meetups. Please visit for more information.

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