Spotlight: Saile & Saile LLP

    Caterina Saile knows criminal law and the unique situations that her clients are grappling with.

    She understands that navigating the criminal justice system can be daunting for many people.

    Managing Partner and criminal defense attorney at Saile & Saile, LLP, Caterina Saile aggressively defends her clients. “It’s not just a criminal case result, it’s a personal result,” she explains.

    Helping her clients understand what it is going to take to get through the legal process with the best result possible is her goal.

    “I take the time to learn about my clients – their family lives, their jobs, medical issues, any substance abuse issues – all of these factors influence the way I will go about defending their cases.”

    Every court case is different, and each client’s needs are unique. “The law is everchanging and it is my job to know what exactly those changes are and how to help my clients by protecting their rights.”

    Prior to joining Saile & Saile, LLP, Caterina was a Deputy Attorney General with the Delaware Department of Justice for almost 12 years. 

    Most of her prosecutorial career centered upon the Fourth Amendment search and seizure law, which includes law enforcement car stops, searches and seizures of homes, vehicles, cell phones and interception of communications through wiretaps.

    During her tenure as a prosecutor, she handled a wide range of felony cases varying from theft to capital murder. 

    As head of a specialized criminal unit in the Delaware Department of Justice, she worked closely with the FBI and DEA as well as state and local police agencies on proactive prosecutions of drug traffickers and violent street gangs.

    She was also involved in training local police agencies on various topics of law. 

    This specialized experience gives her a rare insight that she now applies to defending DUI and drugs cases in her current practice.

    “Having worked on criminal cases from investigation to prosecution at trial has given me a unique perspective on how to defend a case. This is the experience that I bring to each of my clients.” 

    Caterina is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

    If you or someone you know is seeking a top-quality legal defense or for more information about Caterina and Saile & Saile LLP visit

    Saile & Saile LLP has 24-hour staff waiting to take your call at 215-860-5800.

    PHOTO CAP: Caterina Saile

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