Spotlight: Insurance Shops

    COVID Healthcare Special Enrollment is NOW!

    If you want health insurance, or want to change your plan, we will help you.

    No pre-existing conditions, and a lot of subsidies available for new low cost or no cost plans.

    We are a FREE Enrollment Center so get expert help with PENNIE or GetCoveredNJ and don’t do this yourself.

    As your agent we promise to ALWAYS have your back when you need help.

    Get 5-star rated customer service and expert help for no extra cost.

    Call us first for all your insurance needs.

    Turning 65?

    We can help you navigate the maze of Medicare to maximize your benefits for the least cost.

    We have helped thousands of seniors and do not charge a fee for our services to you.

    If you already have Medicare, we review your plan options and educate seniors on ALL their options.

    We have dedicated health professionals to help with all the drug plans choices. We patiently explain everything, so you understand your benefits.

    One stop agency for car, home, and renters insurance.

    Many people insist on buying car insurance online thinking it is cheap, only to find out later they are grossly underinsured when something happens and it is too late.

    About one in 8 motorists drive around uninsured.

    Protect your a** and make sure you are properly protected.

    Life Insurance reminder during COVID: Most Life insurance is not for you; it protects your family.

    To protect yourself though, add a low-cost living benefit rider to a term policy and then the death benefit is available upon a critical illness diagnosis.

    GO-Fund-ME is NOT life insurance!

    Without life insurance, you could be a burden to your wife and kids. Get 5-minute FREE quotes from dozens of companies.

    Disability insurance protects your biggest asset, (your ability to earn a living) during COVID.

    Business Insurance quotes from multiple companies in a few minutes.

    Make sure your business and business vehicles are protected during COVID.

    Insurance Shops is a broker with most major companies for every type of insurance.

    We help you protect you and your family. It is our job to help you be covered properly at the lowest cost.  

    Our Motto: We will do the right thing for you to protect you. If you can crash it, burn it, break it, earn it we can insure it! We Shop it, You Save!

    PHOTO CAP: Owners Ron and Faye Hyman after receiving an award for #1 volume agency

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