Spotlight: Tucker Chiropractic Center

    In a day and time, where health has become such a big focus societally, emphasis on prevention should be at an all-time high.

    We have discussed ongoing strategies with our patients to do more than focus only on avoidance. 

    One should put on attention on making lifestyle change and make effort to improve their overall health and immune response. 

    There has been observation of increased risk factors and comorbidities. Weight gain, heart disease, diabetes, and so on are some conditions that may be lifestyle induced. 

    Therefore these are some of the many things we can focus on to take control of our health. 

    Sitting around and hoping we stay well will never work as well as being proactive. 

    There has been evidence based scientific studies that have shown vitamin D blood serum levels, exercise regiments and more have shown symptomatic differences in those people exposed to various viruses. 

    The science is revealing healthier people, not simply younger people fair better. This is true for life.

    Besides adapting to the CDC guidelines on pandemic prevention protocols, we have focused our patient consultations on three areas of attention. 

    The first appears to be a prevalent one, as in any trying periods, STRESS!

    As understandable as it is to have stress in our lives the emotional impact is trying on the body. 

    There has to be some effort to control it. Some needs sports like boxing to let out frustration, some need relaxation like a massage, but many can work on focusing on things in our control. 

    In unstable times we must learn to let go of things outside of our tangible control.

    The second is chemical stress. Many people have gained weight from poor diets, being more sedentary, starting to smoke again, or taking increased amounts of pharmaceuticals (legal or illegal). 

    The body cannot flourish with lack of nutrient’s, pro inflammatory diets and addictive stimulants. 

    On the contrary there are safe supplements that GMP certified we can take to offset bad fats, inflammation or vitamin deficiencies. 

    The third is our area of expertise and focus, which is the spine and nervous system. More people have become more sedentary working at home than ever before. 

    We have seen a spike in complaints of stiffness and pain. 

    Getting joints to function better, posture to improve and removing nerve obstruction can have a vast impact on not only pain relief but other positive ramifications such as; improved range of motion, immune function, sleep patterns, and other daily activities such as standing, bending, lifting and walking.

    Tucker Chiropractic Center is located at 402 Middletown Boulevard, Suite 210, Langhorne.

    For more info call 215-750-8006.

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