Spotlight: The Peace Center, Inc.

    The Peace Center, Inc., located in Langhorne Borough, educates and empowers schools and families and enriches communities with proven conflict resolution and social justice programs.

    This past year, 2020, has challenged us to rethink, adapt and refine how we do things. Empowering schools now means helping students and school districts navigate new landscapes and the ensuing conflicts. The Peace Center’s Educational Programming team is working in your community to help students bridge conflicts and disconnects unfolding around systemic racism, bias and educational disparity when not every student has equal access to technology. Unfortunately, national data indicates that cyberbullying has increased due to COVID-19, and our Bullying Prevention Resource Center which addresses bullying and cyberbullying in Bucks County is working to make our programs more accessible. We continue with our excellent grade level programs and this year add TeenWorks© designed for parents of teenagers, and Boy Meets Self © to help young tween and teen boys learn, grow and develop good decision-making skills.

    The Peace Center is partnering with community organizations to help us return to civil discourse. Our Community Programming staff is leading workshops, seminars and skill-building programs to help us see, respect and value our neighbors beyond our biases, stereotypes and negative impressions. In January 2020, months before the rest of the world took notice, The Peace Center launched a program called WALKING WHILE BLACK: L.O.V.E. is the Answer (using the film by director AJ Ali) to bring community residents, youth and officers of the peace (unfortunately now called Law Enforcement) to dialogue about building safe communities and better relationships between police officers and the communities they serve. Look for either a film showing or follow up actions in your community by visiting our website ( Feel free to register for our One Book, One Bucks programs to read along and join conversations with your neighbors as the book for January is L.O.V.E. is the Answer by AJ Ali. 

    To learn about our success stories and the need to expand our work, join us at one of our “Bridges to Peace” programs.

    For more information, visit or call 215-750-7220.

    PHOTO CAP: Pre-COVID: Peace Center staff facilitate community dialogue with local officers, students, teachers and community members. We’re now a larger, virtual community.

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