Spotlight: Paxson Hill Farm

    While we’re mainly known for our elaborate gardens and plant nursery, Paxson Hill wouldn’t be a farm without the myriad of animals that call it home. Some traditional farm life, some less so.

    On top of the many ducks, geese, swans, pigeons and peafowl you may see on the property, all from local wildlife and rehabilitation centers, not many know that we also have a large flock of free-range chickens since they’re often not seen by the public.

    It began with the adoption of a small number of hens from the SPCA, and each year we add more. Currently we have about 100 mixed breeds, which provide us with a bounty of not only tasty, but beautiful multi-colored eggs for sale in the shop. They eat a healthy, natural diet of mainly greens, bugs and kitchen scraps while they forage in the pasture and this is key for providing a much better tasting and more nutritious egg than what you’d find in the supermarket. Early last year saw the girls getting an upgrade to their digs, with the construction of a new, larger coop to keep them cozy at night and protected from predators.

    We have a herd of roughly 30 sheep, from babies to old-timers, all mixed breeds and originally adopted from the Bucks County SPCA. After shearing, the raw wool is sent to Lancaster County to be spun into the skeins we sell in our shop. 

    In 2020 we began offering honey for sale, working with local beekeepers to upgrade and reinvigorate our current hives. This year, we are adding even more hives that we hope will help develop our honey production.

    Martha and Stewart, both 18-year-old Miniature Donkeys, got here 17 years ago from a woman who couldn’t keep them in Sussex County, NJ. Hannah (17), Indie (16) and Connie (15) are Martha and Stewart’s children. We’re happy to have provided a caring and relaxing environment for this family to live out their lives. 

    When asked why he began adopting and raising all the animals, owner Bruce Gangawer and man of few words, answered  “Because I’m a sap”, but we all know it’s because he has a big heart!

    The gardens are open to visitors through the winter to provide a safe, outdoor experience. Come on out on a nice, sunny day to truly appreciate the gardens in their winter dress. Please see our website ( for further information on visiting.

    PHOTO CAP: Besides having an awesome Walking Tour Garden (open year round) and Landscape Nursery/Design services, Paxson Hill has been growing their livestock and related product offerings: homespun wool, free-range eggs, and delicious honey.

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