Spotlight: Neshaminy Federation of Teachers

    The lives of educators were turned upside down last March when schools closed to slow the spread of COVID-19.

    Telecommuting became the norm, leaving everyone in unfamiliar territory.

    Lucky for students, parents, and our community, educators got straight to work figuring out how to continue educating while maintaining meaningful connections with our kids.

    Amid ever-changing safety measures, educators in the Neshaminy School District stepped up to provide support to each other, their students, parents, and the Bucks County community. Through the anxiety and stress wrought by this pandemic and the ever-changing guidance for schools, our teachers prepared students to learn virtually or in hybrid settings.

    With a moment’s notice, the educators of Neshaminy moved their daily lessons online, learning new platforms themselves as they taught their students.

    With support from technology and curriculum coaches, teachers became adept at using video conferencing software to connect with their students, teach lessons, and even conduct after-school activities like orchestra concerts and stage plays.

    Instead of lectures, teachers used apps like TikTok to produce educational videos.

    Students traded oral presentations for pre-recorded videos.

    Without physical location as a barrier, students eying future careers have Zoomed with professionals from myriad fields, including law enforcement, a major motion picture hairstylist, cardiologists, and local business owners.

    Teachers have not been the only heroes throughout this pandemic.

    The school nursing staff, Neshaminy School District’s frontline workers, have triaged sick students and staff, advocated for testing and vaccination plans, and kept educators, staff, parents, and the community informed of best practices for coronavirus mitigation and ensured a safe return to school.

    Our school counselors and social workers have also worked with community organizations to provide support to families in need. School librarians have found creative ways to keep students interested in reading while in a virtu

    al setting.

    Throughout this pandemic, the educators from the Neshaminy Federation of Teachers have provided a semblance of normalcy to a very abnormal situation.

    Our educators have created a blueprint for future public health crises and will continue to innovate with grace, compassion, and professionalism through 2021 and beyond.

    PHOTO CAP: Iconic 2020 trends: Miller Elementary School Teacher Taylor Ramello made a viral TikTok with her Kindergarten teacher turned co-worker Jodi Arnold; the 20th annual Maple Point Middle School Veterans Day Parade of Honor; High School Mathematics teacher Kate Romano makes solving for X in Algebra class interesting on Zoom. 

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