Spotlight: Bianca’s Mind, Body, Spirit

We are entering an age of transition, calling out for a collective healing of our mind, body and spirit.

If you are seeking answers or healing from within, you can rely on Bianca to guide you.

Bianca’s Mind, Body & Spirit has been in Lahaska for 30 years. She specializes in meditation and feng shui as well as energy readings and more.

Bianca was trained in chakra meditation by yogis in India. Today, she offers chakra meditation, color meditation, astrology readings, charts, and psychic readings through tea leaves and coffee.

If you’re seeking to become more grounded in life and your body, you’ll benefit from Bianca’s yoga meditation and yoga cards.

She can help connect you with your spirit guides through angel and oracle card readings.

Bianca has spent many years dedicated to helping people find their path as a Life Coach.

“I teach people to re-enlighten them,” Bianca says. “To help them find what their desires are, what their journey is.”

Through color and meditation, you can do a lot to fix your relationships, your health, and your overall well-being.

“It’s a wonderful thing to have someone who isn’t judging you or what you have been through, to offer some extra support and guidance in their lives.”

This is what Bianca offers to those who are seeking a little extra direction.

“My clients become my friends,” says Bianca. “I care about who they are and where they are going in life.”

When you seek Bianca’s guidance, she won’t hold back on telling you what you need to hear – even if it’s blunt.

Call Bianca today to discover where life is aligning and guiding you to heal. She’s experienced in giving readings over the phone, as she has done this with people across the world for three decades.

Bianca also heals horses and dogs.

She will often incorporate healing through water by envisioning the beach and natural streams as a calming, reflective meditation.

Contact her at 215-794-5811 or on her cell phone 267-824-5347 to schedule an appointment today.

PHOTO CAP: Our bodies, especially our brain and heart, are composed mostly of water; reconnect with and heal your inner nature through Bianca’s guidance. 

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