The Princeton Flying School at Princeton Airport

    Have you ever thought about what it would be like to fly a plane?

    Imagine sitting in the pilot seat and looking straight out to the horizon to see the blue skies and clouds.

    When you look to your right you see the Philadelphia skyline and to your left the New York City skyline.

    Flying is an incredible feeling.

    Talk about seeing the world from a different perspective.

    Okay, maybe you have flown in a commercial plane to Florida or Utah, but there is something so unique about flying in a single engine airplane.

    When flying in a Cessna Skyhawk, you are seeing the world from a completely different view than on the ground or a commercial jet.

    The Princeton Flying School at the Princeton Airport offers an extraordinary experience of an Introductory Flying Lesson.

    In the beginning you will go through a pre-flight inspection to ensure the plane is ready for flight, as all pilots do.

    Then, you will spend an hour in the air with a certified flight instructor going over some basic maneuvers.

    You will even get a chance to fly the airplane yourself!

    But do not worry; there are dual controls in the planes, so the instructor is will be there to assist you the entire time.

    When people return from their first Introductory Flying Lesson they are elated and often speechless.

    Many have said it was their dream to fly a plane, and it finally came true!

    This is a very special hour.

    Not only is this a special experience, but it counts as your first hour towards getting your Private Pilot’s License.

    Many students are inspired during their Introductory Flying Lesson to continue to study and train for their Private Pilot’s License, while others are completely captivated by this hour and feel fulfilled.

    Either way, flying an airplane is something very special and you have the power to be the one who makes this experience possible.

    An Introductory Flying Lesson is the perfect gift to give someone who seems to have everything and you just don’t know what to buy.

    What better gift than an experience of a lifetime.

    This holiday season, struggle no more when it comes to gift giving.

    As long as they are tall enough to reach the pedals, they can fly.

    Call 609-921-3100 for more information or visit us on the web at

    Happy flying!

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