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    Q & A from Tailor-Made film & video Transfers’ team of experts:

    What does the process involve for a Home Movie Film Transfer to Digital?

    16mm (introduced by Eastman Kodak in 1923), Regular 8mm (introduced in 1932) and Super 8mm (introduced in 1965) movie film were the formats available for the amateur filmmaker until the introduction of the Betamax (in 1975) and VHS (in 1976).

    So, although a far superior media than videotape, your film could be almost 100 years old!

    The equipment that we use at Tailor-Made captures the original film in its highest quality.

    After the capture, which involves high-resolution scanning, our technicians go through the scanned film, scene by scene, to improve lighting, adjust contrast, attempt to restore color, edit out blank footage, add background instrumental music, and create a custom opening title.

    High Definition Film Transfers are also a popular option.

    What does the process involve for converting Home Videotapes to Digital? 

    Videotapes are even more important to get transferred to digital format.

    So many environmental factors can affect the life span of a video recording.

    Tailor-Made’s videotape transfers are of the highest quality that you will be proud to share with family and friends. 

    A 32GB flash drive can hold over 20 hours of quality video – an entire video collection that fits in your pocket!

    Each videotape will be a separate file on the flash drive which makes it easy to pick which one you want to view!

    What digital format will I get back?

    Most customers still request DVDs, however we encourage them to also get MP4 files of the footage on a flash drive to “future-proof” their investment.

    There is no extra charge to have both formats! (Flash drive not included.) MP4 files are DVD quality digital video files that can be backed up on your computer as well as play in any device with a USB port, like a smart TV. 

    These files can be easily shared with friends and family, stored on your computer, and uploaded to your cloud service.

    Visit or call 215-322-8444.

    Located at 205 E. Pennsylvania Boulevard in the Feasterville Business Campus, Monday through Friday, 10:00am to 6:00pm.

    Most orders are processed in one week or less, even during the holiday season making it the perfect holiday gift idea!

    Don’t forget to cut out the coupon in this paper for a discount! Check us out on Facebook, too!

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