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    With winter right around the corner, it is naturally a time to think about your fireplace and heating systems. 

    Servicing these systems annually not only saves repair expenses in the long run, but also provides the peace of mind that your fireplace, wood stove or heater chimney is safe to use.

    What is most often overlooked this time of year is the need for routine dryer vent maintenance. 

    Dryer vent fires are real, and they can be brutally destructive on a home.

    Whether gas or electric, dryer vent fires are most often caused by excess lint buildup behind or under the appliance.

    How can homeowners prevent dryer fires?  

    1. Clean your lint trap after every load, and dispose in trash receptacle with a lid.  

    2. Make sure your dryer has adequate clearance from the wall behind it. 

    3. Inspect your flex hose every month if possible, and clean behind your dyer at least once every three months.

    4. Have your dryer duct cleaned annually by a dryer vent professional.

    Excess lint buildup behind or under a dryer can happen from usually four ways. 

    The first cause of excess lint buildup is not cleaning the lint trap often enough.  This is the first line of defense between your home and a possible dryer fire.

    A dryer too close to a back wall will raise the temperature in that cavity and could overheat the dryer causing an unwanted spark. 

    Keep six to eight inches between the back of your dryer and the wall behind it.

    This will also help keep the flex hose free of kinks that can restrict flow. 

    A broken flex hose or disconnected pipe contributes to an overabundance of lint getting trapped on the back wall panel of the dryer and ultimately may find it’s way to an electric or gas source. 

    A dirty or clogged dryer vent duct causes your dryer to work harder.

    In addition to wasting energy, increased effort can cause the appliance to overheat.

    Once built up lint finds an ignition source, it’s game over.

    Makefield Hearth and Home services all of Yardley and the surrounding suburban PA communities. 

    To schedule an appointment to have your fireplace or dryer duct serviced, or for a free phone consultation, give us a call at 267-907-3409. 

    You can also check us out online at

    Happy Holidays from our family to yours.  

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