Brady’s Botanicals

    Anxiety, Depression, Pain, Sleep, Mood –
    Yes, Brady’s Botanicals provides relief with these, and much more.

    The importance of implementing a working hemp/cannabis regimen is pivotal and starts with the comprehensive benefits of the whole plant (not just CBD or THC). 

    Brady’s is authorized to grow, harvest, process, and provide legal accessibility without a medical ID card to Whole Plant Extracts, Smokable bud & Cartridges, Topicals, Concentrates, and THC & CBD edibles.

    Sharon says, “On a daily basis, we meet and speak with many people who are living with conditions/ailments that are completely life disruptive. That is why it is our mission to provide legal accessibility to these products WITHOUT a medical ID card.”

    Roger adds, “One of the greatest satisfactions in working with cannabinoid therapy is seeing the results it has on our clients of which include children, adolescents, adults, and four legged companions.”

    Avoid Trial & Error with Free Consultations

    Trial and error when taking hemp/cannabis products can be costly and frustrating. Roger and Sharon say, “Trial and error can become expensive to users because many people in this industry who sell these types of products lack much needed knowledge and experience with how cannabinoids and other constituents of the plant influence therapeutic value within the Endocannabinoid System (regulatory system).”

    “Implementing a whole plant extract tincture should be considered a baseline in one’s hemp/cannabis regimen; they directly feed your endocannabinoid system. In addition to the tinctures, we can utilize other products and modes of administration to influence positive outcomes in our clients.”

    Roger and Sharon are both certified in Endocannabinoid Medicine. 

    Stop in or call for a free consultation.

    Importance of Product Legitimacy

    Brady’s Botanicals provides verifications of chain of custody and certifications of analysis for all of their products.

    “Sadly, this is an unregulated market and we see a lot of untested, unverified, and illegitimate mislabeled products on the market.”

    Brady’s teach their clients how to easily understand third party test results and point out noncompliant products.

    Holiday Specials & Discounts!

    Follow us on our social media pages and visit us online to view daily updates on our holiday discounts!

    Be sure to check out Brady’s Botanicals in Marrazzo’s Big Oak Shopping Center located at: 364 West Trenton Avenue, Yardley-Morrisville, PA 1967.

    Store hours are:

    • Monday-Friday 12pm-6pm
    • Saturday’s 11am-4pm
    • Sunday’s 12pm-5pm.

    Visit online at Call or text at (833) 692-7239.

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