Artists’ renderings of iconic Bucks locations win postcard competition

    The Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County and Visit Bucks County are happy to announce that seven artworks were selected as winning entries to the Bucks County: Wish You Were Here small works exhibition postcard competition. The jury of four selected the works from over 120 submitted to the online exhibition and sale, which runs through January 31st.

    The Arts & Cultural Council will have each artwork printed on over 1000 5×7-inch full-color postcards, which will be distributed to the Bucks County Visitor Center, Peddler’s Village, and to historic and cultural locations throughout the county where they will be circulated to visitors in 2021.

    Sharon Rossi, Board of Directors of Visit Bucks County and Principal and Owner of Share Strategic, LLC, was enthusiastic about the exhibition and delighted to participate in the jury process. As a long-term Bucks County resident, she has noticed that “there are more artists raising their hands now than ever before and I am eager to do what I can to help expand the reach of their talents.”

    Arts & Cultural Council exhibition committee member Ruth Anderson notes, “This was a difficult process, because all of the works in the show are inspiring. The works we selected for the postcards fully meet the mission of the collaboration while presenting an iconic view of Bucks County that captures the essence of the history and natural beauty of the region. We admire the artistic skill and vision inherent in all of the works.”

    Exhibition committee member and juror Jane Ramsey was impressed by all of the entries, which captured something special about Bucks County. “The jury team worked hard to select what we feel to be a diversity of styles, mediums, and seasons represented in the final ensemble of postcard images.”

    A&C juror and exhibition committee member Robbin Farr never tires of the Bucks County landscape. “The Wish You Were Here show gallery of images emphasizes the variety of locations one encounters daily when touring through Bucks County. There are familiar places and intimate corners celebrated in these works.” 

    The jury was inspired by all of the works and notes the qualities that led to their selection.

    Aida Birritteri’s “Blue Delaware” is a striking contemporary interpretation of the iconic bridges that lead across the Delaware River and draw visitors into our beloved community.

    Jean Burdick incorporates layers of translucent and patterned printed and painted surfaces to create a striking rendition of “Thompson Neely House” at Washington Crossing Historic Park. The dignity and grace of the image reflect the historic importance of this cherished Bucks County landmark.

    In her photograph “Early Fall Sunset on Patterson Farm,” Cindy Fastis presents a dramatic and contemporary composition that pays homage to the importance of farming in Bucks County.

    Christi Hetrick’s “Cabin Run Covered Bridge” captures the feeling one gets when approaching any of Bucks County’s treasured covered bridges. The dazzling brightness and play of colorful shadows invokes a sense of discovery and excitement as the viewer approaches the bridge and travels through to reveal wonders on the other side.

    In her “The Canal at Washington Crossing,” Barbara Lewis captures the romance and softness, serenity and peace, that travelers often find while exploring the towpaths along the Delaware and Lehigh Heritage Trail.

    The lively brushwork and use of color and light in Judith Nentwig’s “Fall on Cabin Run” evokes the renowned Bucks County Pennsylvania Impressionist traditions. Her powerful composition helps the viewer visually wander through the landscape, experiencing the same kind of joy that is felt while wandering through the Bucks County landscape.

    The quality of light in Helena van Emmerik-Finn’s “Fonthill at Sunrise” captures the distinctive architecture of Fonthill and creates a strong sense of place. The familiar shadows evoke a feeling of mystery and intrigue and draw the viewer closer, inviting a visit to one of Bucks County’s most historic cultural treasures.

    You can see the exhibition and purchase a work of art at

    The mission of the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County is to foster, strengthen, and promote Bucks County’s diverse arts and cultural community, build arts alliances, and enhance the Bucks County arts experience. The Council’s work is rooted in the continuation of Bucks County arts traditions, the enrichment of arts appreciation, continually inspiring a vibrant and collaborative environment for contemporary arts, artists, and art enthusiasts alike.

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