What’s in your cold and flu arsenal?

    submitted by VSN, Newtown

    Every year, millions of dollars are spent on cold and flu remedies.  Lately, more and more health conscious consumers are choosing products that actually prevent symptoms from occurring in the first place. Here are some of the most effective products on the market. Sambucus Elderberry Extract – In numerous clinical studies, elderberry extract demonstrated potent anti-viral properties.  It is particularly effective against the flu virus because of its ability to prevent it from reproducing in our bodies.

    Umcka – This is a pleasant tasting herbal extract from South Africa, which has been used to treat respiratory and other infections for hundreds of years. It can be effective in treating coughs, sore throats, and sinusitis. Umcka boosts immune function and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. There are no known side effects.

    Colloidal Silver – What happens when you suspend microscopic silver particles in purifies water? You get a powerful immune boosting product. Colloidal silver works with the body’s own immune system to fight harmful bacteria that can cause sinus and ear infections, sore throats, and pneumonia.

    Oscillococcinum – Typically known as “oscillo,” this flower based homeopathic remedy can significantly reduce the fever, chills, and body aches associated with the flu when taken at its earliest stages. It does not cause drowsiness and has no drug interactions. There are formulas available for children as young as three years old, and they all have a pleasant, sweet taste.

    Vitamins A, C, and E – Sometimes there’s nothing better than sticking with the old standards. These well-known vitamins are strong antioxidants that increase the body’s resistance to infection. They’re also very effective in reducing both the severity and duration of colds.

    Probiotics – Probiotics are dietary supplements containing potentially beneficial bacteria. They are most known to help with digestive issues.  Recent studies, however, indicate that they can have a positive effect on immune function by protecting against harmful pathogens.

    Vitamin D – A lot of interesting research suggests the importance of Vitamin D in strengthening immune function. The active form of this vitamin lessens the inflammatory response of some white blood cells, while boosting immune cells’ production of microbe-fighting proteins.  This can have a positive effect on coughs, colds, and upper respiratory tract infections.

    Zinc – This mineral helps the body heal by fighting off bacteria and viruses. Found in all bodily tissues, it acts as an antioxidant, blocking free radical damage.

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