Sterling Dental and Podiatry

    Husband, Dr. Joseph R. Philip DDS, and wife, Dr. Joan T. Walsh-Philip DPM, practice together at Sterling Dental and Podiatry in their office in the Historic Village of Washington Crossing, treating patients from ages two to 100+.

    The office is located in a converted Cape Cod home surrounded by flowers and trees, with windows facing lush, green parklands.

    “Our goal is to have a relaxing inside setting in our office that matches the peaceful outside landscape,” stated Dr. Philip.

    Both doctors have been in practice for over 30 years and have been at the Sterling Road location for 15 years.

    They have become a staple in the community, particularly since many of their patients find it so convenient to schedule to see both of them, one right after the other.

    Dr. Walsh-Philip humorously added that they like treating patients “from head to toe.” (literally!).

    “We like to have our patients feel as though they are being treated like they are family members,” said Dr. Philip. “You never know what topic one of us will be discussing in our office.”

    Dr. Philip is an avid gardener and grows all sorts of Heirloom Tomatoes (around 50 different varieties) and many exotic vegetables from around the world, as he is a member of an International Seed Exchange.

    Dr. Walsh is a car buff (she has both an antique ‘69 Karmann Ghia and a newer gas-efficient Toyota Prius). Receptionist, Emma, is a delight, as is dental assistant, Denise.

    The doctors have three children who have attended area schools, including the local public school system, George School, and Pennington Prep School.

    Their two daughters both graduated from Penn State, and their son, Brett W. Philip, is currently a student at Drew University in Madison, NJ.

    Interestingly enough, both daughters have chosen to follow in their dad’s profession.

    Adriana W. Philip DMD is a practicing dentist who graduated from her father’s alma mater, Temple Kornberg School of Dentistry, and Chloe W. Philip is currently a dental student at Marquette School of Dentistry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

    There is a distinct possibility that one or both may join Sterling Dental and Podiatry in the future, making it even more of a family practice.

    Both doctors really enjoy their work very much and this is readily perceived by their patients.

    Dr. Philip particularly enjoys doing Cosmetic Dentistry, including the well-known “Lumineers.”

    Dr. Walsh-Philip likewise enjoys making her patients feet feel better by treating them with routine care (nails, corns and calluses) and dispensing orthotics when needed.

    Their schedules vary during the week.

    To make it accommodating for patients they have morning, afternoon, and evening hours available.

    Call them at 215-493-0784.

    PHOTO CAP: Dr. Joseph R. Philip DDS and Dr. Joan T. Walsh-Philip DPM

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