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    Benefits of Ballet: The best age to start taking Ballet classes

    When it comes to our kids, we all want them to have the best.

    Are you looking for an activity for your young child that will help them to use their energy in a positive way?

    Ballet classes could be the answer for you!

    There are many physical and mental benefits to young children taking dance class. Some are listed below:

    *Ballet promotes physical strength and flexibility.

    *Boosts concentration, improves focus, memory, and learning.

    *Ballet develops understanding of music and rhythm.

    *It boosts coordination and balance.

    *Ballet can correct poor alignment or posture in your child`s body.

    *It improves endurance and stamina.

    *Ballet helps to develop social skills within young children and can help them learn to follow directions.

    The ideal age for young dancers to commence training in classical ballet is the year that they are turning four to five years of age. At this age, they are able to comprehend the instructions given, remember the movements, and learn and build on fundamental dance techniques.

    At Rakova Ballet School, we offer Pre-Ballet classes for kids who have turned four. This is a kid’s ballet class which caters to the abilities of very young children just starting out their journey as little dancers.

    We also welcome children who have decided to pick up ballet classes at a later age. At our school we concentrate on giving each dancer a strong foundation with a focus on proper technique, etiquette and developing strength and artistry.

    We have small classes with no more than 12 students in class, with our younger dancers we limit to a maximum of eight students per class. Our smaller class sizes ensure that no fundamental concepts are being missed. Your child will receive more personalized attention which is the key to careful training. Our school provides all the elements necessary to promote a sense of disciplined study as well as a positive learning environment.

    Rakova Ballet School is located at 80 Second Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966.

    You can also find them on Facebook @rakovaballet and Instagram @yrakovaballet.

    For information or to register, call 267-312-4175 or e-mail

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