Marvin Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers

    The history of Marvin Scott & Co. Fine Jewelers started over 30 years ago in Yardley.

    We have remained a staple in the community by providing expert service, gorgeous jewelry, and an unrivaled value. The ever-changing and challenging retail environment has led us to focus on some of our strengths.

    We have been creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings for quite some time, but by customer demand it has become a priority. There has also been a lot of recreation.

    We utilize our clients’ existing jewelry and make them something that is fresh and “them”. In fact, we purchase unused jewelry to help our clients pursue something totally new.

    During our down time in April of this year, we took our website, MARVINSCOTTCO.COM, to its next level.

    A large variety of beautiful items at all price ranges, from a simple sweet 16 gift to a necklace fit for a queen.

    At Marvin Scott & Co., we pride ourselves with our bridal department. Quite often the cornerstone of every jewelry store, we make sure our bridal shines.

    We have a vast availability of natural and lab grown diamonds with the world’s most competitive pricing. Our design team can create custom rings that can be previewed using CAD technology.

    We work with Gabriel NY and their beautiful vast bridal collection, but can also call upon their custom design team.

    We have found over the years our clients would like to have something new but feel like they already have too much jewelry.

    This is where we really can be of service. Clients can use most of their precious metals and gems to create something that is just what they wanted. Anything left over, we will purchase too!

    The year of 2020 has been an interesting one to say the least. During our down time in the spring of this year we found the time we needed to put more effort into our website.

    It now has a great of selection of gifts to choose from as well as our pre-owned selections available on If you can’t make it in store please have a look online!

    PHOTO CAP: Owners Marvin and Scott Bluestein and store manager Jeff Drobish ready to service you.

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