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    Chestnuts roasted on an open fire (in your home)

    Does anyone actually roast chestnuts?

    It’s one of those age-old lines that returns to mind when the holiday season rolls around.

    Compliment the image with your feet propped up in front of open flames, a glass of brandy in hand, holiday tunes playing on the radio…

    This year, why not make this cozy dream your reality?

    Finkles Hardware has the fireplace for you, offering wood and gas products that will bring comfort, warmth and joy into your home this season.

    Offering well-known brands such as RH Peterson Realfyre premium gas logs, IronStrike fireplaces, and Osburn wood stoves and inserts, there’s truly every style so you can select the perfect addition to your home.

    Whether you’re thinking of mounting the fireplace on your wall, or having it as a standalone feature, Finkles offers a wide selection so you can determine the design of your dreams.

    We also have a wide selection of fire pits for those seeking a place to gather around in the great outdoors.

    Once the cold weather hits, there’s nothing quite like the warmth and glow of a fire; it’s a pleasure you deserve to have this season as we hunker down for a difficult winter.

    Now, about those roasted chestnuts…

    Apparently, people do roast chestnuts.

    You can harvest them in late fall, or find fresh chestnuts in stores until late December.

    Roasting chestnuts is a great holiday entertainment idea (that can be done distanced outdoors safely!) Just wait for that aroma!

    They’re also a delicious snack – the mild flavor is said to be soft, buttery, and slightly nutty, with a lot of moisture to make for a nice chewy bite.

    If you’re trying it this year, the best method is over an open flame using a cast iron skillet. You can find more in-depth instructions online, but starting with hot lump charcoal or a good bed of hot embers in an open log fire pit is best.

    Roasted chestnuts are best served the same day as roasting. It makes for a merry affair.

    Finish them with a good quality salt for extra flavor, or some melted butter.

    So, head over to Finkles today, located at 7 Coryell St., Lambertville, NJ and find the perfect fireplace to bring holiday cheer to your home.

    Contact us at 609-397-0415 or find us online at

    We are currently offering curbside pickup for your safety and convenience.

    PHOTO CAP: Just one example of a wood-burning stove offered at Finkles (an IronStrike fireplace).

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