Joe Cairo, RE/MAX Centre Realty

    You have probably heard about or have seen commercials about companies that will buy your home for cash and as is.

    They may sound like a scam but they are legitimate companies.

    These companies are typically investors looking to purchase homes to either fix up and flip or rent out. 

    They will always offer you cash for your home and will purchase it as is with no repairs.

    They will also say there is no real estate commission that will need to be paid. 

    You may think this sounds like a great deal.

    You can sell your house quickly for cash and pay no fees!

    What they will not tell you is that they will offer you a substantially lower than market value for your home. 

    They are in the business of making money and need to purchase the home for substantially less in order to fix it up and resell it! 

    They’re not doing anything wrong or illegal by making you a significantly lower offer.

    If you’re OK with selling your home for substantially lower than market value, by all means do so.

    But, if you’re looking to maximize every dollar, you should consult with a real estate agent before selling your home to one of these services.

    In the current market, homes are selling for top dollar even though they need work. 

    You can also market your home “as is” which basically means you will not make any repairs for the new home buyer as long as you’re disclosing that upfront. 

    The perspective homebuyer could do a home inspection and then take the home as is or simply walk away. 

    By dealing with a real estate agent and more potential homebuyers, you’re almost guaranteed to make a lot more money even after paying real estate commissions and fees.

    Also, you have a professional on your side handling all the details of the transaction and representing your best interests.

    Think of your real estate agent like an attorney!

    If you’re thinking about selling your home to one of these services, definitely consult with a real estate agent first before making that final decision.

    I can almost guarantee you will net more money using a real estate agent. 

    If you have any questions or comments please feel free to call me directly at 215-630-9363.   

    PHOTO CAP: Joe Cairo

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