GNC Newtown transitioning to Vital Strength Nutrition (VSN)

    There’s exciting news in Newtown for those looking for the most effective products to stay healthy and fit!

    Your local GNC is transitioning into VSN – Vital Strength Nutrition – a new independent retailer offering a wider variety of health and sports nutrition supplements for the entire family.

    Familiar faces Waver Campbell and Bernie Valente, who have a combined 50 years’ experience in this field, will remain on-sight continuing to serve the Newtown community.

    This is important in these uncertain times when, more than ever, people are looking for the best products to stay healthy.

    “We offer a large selection of vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutritional supplements to enhance immune function,” says Waver, owner of the store with his wife, Debbie.

    According to Waver, it’s his store’s exceptional customer service that sets it apart from other retailers.

    The store manager, Bernie Valente, has served the Newtown community for over 22 years.

    Along with Waver, who has been here for over 10 years, Bernie will make sure you’ll always see a familiar face helping you at VSN in Newtown!

    Also, the staff stays up to date with the newest products on the market.

    “We give our customers good, sound, reliable information,” says Waver, who prides himself on following the most advanced scientific news and studies. “We often become aware of new and effective products long before they become mainstream.”

    VSN in Newtown also stocks a large inventory of products that may help reduce pain and improve one’s quality of life.

    Many physicians have recently recognized the benefits of these nutritional supplements and are recommending their patients come to VSN in Newtown  to purchase many of them.

    Products carried by VSN appeal to all age groups and include A to Z vitamins and minerals, multi’s, herbs, fish oils, probiotics, collagen and homeopathics.

    Our sports nutrition products include pre-workouts, creatine, amino acids, protein and meal replacements.

    For dieters, we have a wide variety of weight loss supplements, keto products and healthy snacks.

    Newtown and the surrounding area have trusted our staff for over 25 years.

    We are located in the Village at Newtown West Shopping Center, at 2812 S. Eagle Road, between Oishi and Pet Valu.

    Contact us at 215-579-2100 for promotions and business hours.

    PHOTO CAP: Newtown welcomes Vital Strength Nutrition (formerly GNC)

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