Art Gallery & More and Hass Gallery

    Art – what a wonderful and unique gift for the holidays.  

    Art Gallery & More and Haas Gallery are two exceptional art galleries in two river towns, owned by husband and wife team Gordon and Christine “Kiki” Haas. 

    In New Hope, you will find “Kiki Designs” offering Repurposed Chanel jewelry, Kiki’s hand knitted hats and Scarves, including dog infinity scarves. 

    Keep your furry friends warm this winter.

    You can also show your pride with her handmade Rainbow Flag scarves and pillows. 

    Let’s not forget paintings and prints by Mr. Haas. 

    Vintage local sepia photography and vintage Giclee prints of familiar scenes of the area as featured in the new “River House at Odettes.”

    In Lambertville, Haas Gallery is a combination Studio/Gallery for Mr. Haas. 

    Come in and smell the fresh scent of oils as Haas paints his newest creation. 

    Haas specializes in local scenes, as well as Italy and France. 

    Plein air (the act of painting outdoors) and commissions are the specialty for his impressionist works. 

    You’ll find Giclee prints on paper, canvas and metal in all sizes and budgets, available for everyone.  

    Kiki’s whole family is from the Stockton, Delaware Township area. 

    Kiki graduated from Hunterdon Central and for more than 20 years has resided with her husband and three rescue dogs in their 300 year old stone house in the hill above Lambertville.

    Gordon is originally from North Jersey but moved down to Lambertville to open his gallery back in 1993. 

    A year later, he opened up on Bridge Street and has remained at the same location for the past 26 years. 

    Three years ago, the couple decided to expand into New Hope, keeping the tradition of art going strong in our beloved river towns. 

    Art Gallery & More is located at 2A Stockton Avenue, New Hope, and Haas Gallery is at 71 Bridge Street, Lambertville NJ.  

    Come visit us for a look at beautiful paintings you won’t find elsewhere, and consider a special gift for loved ones this year.

    Find more info or available paintings and prints online at or

    PHOTO CAP: Some of the treasures you can find at Art Gallery & More in New Hope.

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