submitted by Tracey Reed, Warminster Township Library Director

    One of the great joys of my job is the feedback I get from our users. This year, the Library has been a source of calm and escape for so many that I’d like to share some of the comments I’ve received recently. Thank you to everyone who uses the Library, enjoys what we offer, and tells your friends and family (and, maybe, random strangers in the food store) about us. May these comments bring the same smile to you that they did me.

    “Looking forward to it! We love your storytimes! Mason always ask, what letter do you think Miss Ann will do today? Lol. Love it! Thank you for making reading so fun!” – Staci

    “Just a note to thank you and your staff for the great job you all do making our library the gem that it is. Warminster is truly blessed. It’s amazing all the wonderful programs you offer virtually, in addition to all the usual library functions. My husband and I are especially grateful for being able to request books to be held for us, and then, when we are ready for them, calling to request a time to pick them up outside. So safe and so convenient! And everyone is so helpful and pleasant. With all the work keeping everything sanitized and providing wonderful service, you even run several book clubs! We sincerely appreciate all you do for us and your patrons.” – Joan

    “Last week I e-mailed asking if you wanted a donation of model ships. While there was no room in the library you pointed me to the model ship builders tied to Phila Seaport Museum. I contacted the organization and am happy to report 14 model ships are now being used for education and display by the Philly Shipmodel society in the hopes of introducing younger folks to this craft. Thank you so much for the information, I know my father-in-law would be quite pleased.” – Barbara

    “[I’m] thankful for our virtual programs (have a five-year-old, a younger child, who go to art and STEAM programs, adult and child). [The Library is] doing great work; comes from Upper Dublin to grab our kits.” – unsigned

    I always say that this is not my library; it’s your library and I’m just lucky enough to work here. It’s folx like you that affirm that. Every day.

    Thank you.

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